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Virtual Prototype of Cockpit HMI

Prepare and appraise CAD-based virtual prototypes of a cockpit HMI in a real-time, immersive virtual reality environment.


Test and Validate a Full Cockpit HMI Design

Create Safer Drives with Driver in the Loop

Ansys VRXPERIENCE HMI lets you test and validate a full cockpit HMI design—including virtual displays and actuators—through visual simulation, eye and finger tracking and haptic feedback. With a full HMI evaluation for next-generation vehicles using virtual reality, this tool reduces the time and cost of design by decreasing the number of expensive physical prototypes needed to validate products.

  • Software in the Loop
    Software in the Loop
  • Interactive Prototype in Virtual Reality
    Interactive Prototype in Virtual Reality
  • Test Your Embedded Software
    Test Your Embedded Software
  • Ready to Use for Flight Simulation
    Ready to Use for Flight Simulation
  •  Interact with Your Cutting-Edge HMI System
    Interact with Your Cutting-Edge HMI System
  • Human in the Loop
    Human in the Loop

Quick Specs

Use real-time, interactive and immersive environments to experience your prototype in virtual reality on a 1:1 scale. Ansys VRXPERIENCE offers customized driving scenarios for testing on virtual HMIs, taking into account human factors analyses and cognitive workloads.

  • Real-Time Physics-Based Lighting
  • Virtual Interactions
  • Virtual Test Drive / Flight
  • HTML5 HMI Prototype
  • Trigger and Animation
  • AR-HUD Simulation
  • Finger Tracking & Haptic Feedback
  • Advanced Raytraced Reflections
  • SiL Connector for HMI
  • Human Factors

Making the Cockpit of the Future a Reality via Optimized HMIs

The simulation capabilities of Ansys VRXPERIENCE generate the next step in cockpit efficiency.

Ansys offers a unique way to model real-life human interactions with displays and controls in a safe virtual environment. Ansys VRXPERIENCE is an innovative solution that brings the human element together with a 3D virtual model of the cockpit. By immersing themselves in the virtual reality of the cockpit they’ve designed, engineers can reach for controls, view displays and check the visibility of the entire cockpit environment under a wide range of lighting conditions.

By leveraging simulation opportunities such as Ansys SCADE and Ansys VRXPERIENCE HMI to engineer new marvels, such as the cockpit of the future, aerospace engineering teams can enjoy the best of two worlds: extreme innovation coupled with extreme accuracy, speed and product confidence.

VRXPERIENCE HMI provides this comprehensive evaluation of all the human-machine interfaces in the next-generation cockpit, while SCADE generates the software that makes it all a reality.. 


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Simulation of a future vehicle's human-machine interface

Prepare and Appraise CAD-Based Virtual Prototypes in Real-Time

Your cockpit HMI goes virtual in real time with an immersive VR environment from Ansys VRXPERIENCE HMI. Edit, display and deploy scenarios in interactive immersive environments to experience your virtual prototype on a 1:1 scale. Then, access all the essential features to perform data import, data preparation, rendering and VR deployment capabilities.

Visualize that virtual prototype in a physics-based simulation and apply optical properties and lighting, giving you an accurate design review and lighting study so you can make reliable decisions..


Key Features

Increase the realism of your virtual environment to mimic real-life product component behavior and create a fully accurate and highly efficient simulation. 

  • Virtual Display Prototype
  • Embedded Software in the Loop
  • HUD and AR-HUD
  • Trigger & Animation
  • Virtual Display & Actuators Interaction
  • Real-Time Optical Simulation
  • Virtual Reality 

Thanks to the physics-based results of VRXPERIENCE, you’ll be able to perform accurate design reviews and lighting studies to make on-point decisions.

Run and interact with your embedded software like Ansys SCADE, in virtual reality. An open API is available to connect any custom-embedded HMI or control software. Along with driving simulation, find flight simulators and control any part of the virtual prototype or scenery.

Out of the box compatibility with EB GUIDE arware software for AR-HUD Simulation. EB GUIDE arware and VRXPERIENCE provide a simulation toolkit to support the whole design process of an AR-HUD

Using full-body or finger tracking, perform cockpit reachability and accessibility studies while supporting all types of virtual reality deployment configurations.

Accurately simulate mirrors, windshield reflections and more with optical simulation.


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