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Ansys Optics

Optics and Photonics Simulation Software

End-to-End Multiphysics and Multiscale Simulation Platform


End-to-End Multiphysics and Multiscale Simulation Platform

Ansys Optics solutions offer robust design, optimization, and verification simulation software backed by world-class support. These tools empower designers to expedite the development of groundbreaking optical products while improving performance, reliability, and yield. With a suite of top-tier physics solvers, Ansys Optics provides user-friendly workflows for precise multiscale system design, from the nano to macro scale, enabling the design of diverse applications across various industries.

Best-in-class Capabilities

  • Design, optimization, and verification of optics and photonics components, modules, circuits, and systems
  • Physics-based human perception and machine vision
  • Streamlined, automated multisolver workflows for multiscale optical system design and analysis
  • Open ecosystem and Python-based automation
  • Design for manufacturability and yield via advanced tolerancing and statistical analysis
  • Advanced optimization including inverse design and Ansys optiSLang integration
  • Scalability and design cycle acceleration with HPC and cloud
  • Multiphysics system-level analysis for integrated modules and packaged systems 

Optics and Photonics Simulation and Design Software Products



Ansys Optics continues to push the innovation envelope to deliver accurate, high-performance simulation capabilities for optics designers. The 2024 R1 release provides powerful capabilities that speed up the time to result, improve simulation accuracy, and expand interoperability with other Ansys products.

Speos faster simulations gpu compute



Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Speos의 새로운 기능

Ansys Speos는 광학 설계자를 위한 정확한 고성능 시뮬레이션 기능을 제공하기 위해 혁신의 한계를 뛰어넘었습니다. 2023 R2 릴리스는 시뮬레이션 정확도를 개선하고 다른 Ansys 제품과의 상호 운용성을 확장하는 강력한 기능을 제공합니다.


Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Zemax의 새로운 기능

Ansys Speos는 광학 설계자를 위한 정확한 고성능 시뮬레이션 기능을 제공하기 위해 혁신의 한계를 뛰어넘었습니다. 2023 R1 릴리스는 결과 도출 시간을 단축하고, 시뮬레이션의 정확도를 ‍개선하며 다른 Ansys 제품과의 상호 운용성을 확장하는 강력한 기능을 제공합니다.



View All Ansys Applications

Autonomous vehicle sensor simulation including lidar, radar and camera design

Autonomous Sensor Development

Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor simulation capability that includes lidar, radar and camera design and development.

Vehicle Exterior

Vehicle Exterior

Ansys simulation enables you to optimize automotive exteriors by lowering drag, reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency and range.

Vehicle Interior

Vehicle Interior

Learn how Ansys simulation enables the optimization of vehicle interior design, from comfort and noise to the human machine interface.



Rapid and reliable innovation and testing of new cardiovascular medical devices and implants

Autonomous System Validation

Autonomous System Validation

Model-based safety and cybersecurity solutions accelerate autonomous system development and certification.


Ansys simulation solutions deliver the significant product lifecycle cost reductions that the aviation industry demands, while accelerating the technological innovation required for tomorrow’s success.


Ansys simulation solutions help accelerate modernization and optimize sustainment of defense technology from the microchip to the mission. Delivering advanced capabilities more quickly enables defense leaders to stay ahead of the threat.

Nightlight glass lens
Iridescent Silicon Microchip Computer Wafer. 7nm, 5nm and 3nm manufacturing process. Semiconductor manufacturing of CPU, GPU, CMOS chip design.  Integrated circuit Die shot. 3D render. , Iridescent Silicon Microchip Computer Wafer. 7nm, 5nm and 3nm ma
Automated Multiplatform Solution for Photonics System Design

Learn how our automated multiplatform photonic solution provides seamless integration, accurate models, and efficient workflows across various platforms. 

Designing the Future: Optimize Your AR Exit Pupil Expander with a 2D Grating Out-Coupler

Join our optical experts as they showcase how to address the design and analysis challenges of the AR waveguide optical system, leveraging the most effective methods, solvers, and workflows.

On Demand Webinar
Webinar Series: Optimize your simulation
Optimize Your Simulation with Ansys Speos and Ansys optiSLang

Learn how Ansys Speos and Ansys optiSLang optimize a prismatic lightguide to fulfill the automotive daytime running lights regulation and improve the homogeneity of the lightguide to achieve a better-lit appearance in an automated manner.


Hewlett Packard Labs Speeds Up Design Process

At Hewlett Packard Labs it is our goal to deliver breakthrough technologies and technology advancements that provide a competitive advantage for HPE and our customers.


University of Arizona Uses Ansys OpticStudio to Demonstrate Viability of Curved HUD

University of Arizona uses Ansys Zemax OpticStudio to prove the capabilities of a highly practical new waveguide system.

autonomous sensor

Design and Optimization of a Reflector for the Headlights of a Solar-Powered Racecar

Simulations allow Blue Sky Solar Racing to quickly arrive at the optical headlamp reflector shape, resulting in the lowest power consumption while validating that the design meets regulations.



White Papers

Comprehensive Multiplatform Solution for Photonics System Design

This white paper discusses the challenges and solutions around enabling photonic system level design, especially with a focus on cutting-edge solutions for creating foundry-compatible photonic compact model libraries that support multiple platforms and workflows.



Ansys Optics for Automotive

Discover how Ansys optics can support you in transforming the way we drive and experience our vehicles, making safety, performance, and style integral components of the modern driving experience.

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