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Harnessing the Power of Cloud Computing 

Delivering flexible and on-demand access to high-performance computing (HPC) resources via cloud computing takes engineering simulation to the next level.   

Unlock the Power of the Cloud

Cloud computing has a significant role in advancing the latest transformative technological trends, from artificial intelligence (AI) to electrification. It promises to help engineers meet today’s challenges by delivering high-performance computing (HPC) power when and where it’s needed — without the need to invest in costly infrastructure.   

By taking advantage of cloud-based computational power, complex designs can be simulated without sacrificing accuracy or project timelines. With cloud computing, limitations of on-premises computing capabilities are removed and globally dispersed teams can work in a more collaborative and effective manner.

With the right cloud computing solution, even small businesses and startups can increase their productivity and innovation through affordable access to HPC. 

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Driving Digital Transformation

Cloud infrastructures help minimize budgets, maximize profits, and increase collaboration, which helps tie product innovation into digital transformation. Read how the real needs of development teams are met as they leverage the capabilities of cloud computing.

NASCAR next gen
Racing to Victory: NASCAR Meets an Aggressive Launch Schedule

Because Ansys Cloud is a preconfigured, all-in-one hardware and software solution, NASCAR could access best-of-breed technology without the need to invest in, install, and maintain its own computing resources, saving significant time and money. With the ability to run simulations in a robust, stable, and responsive cloud environment, NASCAR could minimize its reliance on physical prototypes and full-scale test crashes, which can exceed $500,000 per test.

Lady at desktop computer
Turntide Bursts Through the Cloud to Optimize Smart Motor System™ Designs 7x Faster

Skyrocketing energy costs and aggressive sustainability goals drive increased demand for high-impact energy conservation like Turntide Technologies’ Smart Motor System™, which reduces energy use in HVAC systems by an average of 64%. Enabled by Ansys Maxwell and Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, Turntide can mitigate risk through detailed analysis across many domains on the cloud to speed time to market high-quality motor designs that advance customer decarbonization objectives.

PRADA ACWS - Christmas Race 2020
Emirates Team New Zealand Accelerates Yacht Design with Simulation

With strict limits placed on physical testing by the America’s Cup organizers, Emirates Team New Zealand relies on engineering simulation to rapidly, reliably, and affordably test various design concepts. Emirates Team New Zealand added the flexible computing capacity of Ansys Gateway powered by AWS to accelerate its results and enable engineers to tackle more complex problems in the run-up to the next America’s Cup race.

Turn to the Cloud for Business-Critical Applications

While almost half of cloud users involved in engineering solutions are at large companies, small and medium companies can benefit from the same technology to compete directly with bigger players. Small businesses are especially aggressive in adopting cloud simulation for this reason. Download our infographic to learn seven reasons why switching to the cloud is important for your business.

Discover Why Switching to Cloud is Important for Your Business

Cloud-Based Innovation

Cloud computing enables engineers to apply the power of high-performance computing to their most complex simulations to save time and improve accuracy.

Reserved vs. Spot
Survey Reports Rise of the Cloud for Engineering Simulation Workloads

Engineers and researchers increasingly use the cloud to run computer-aided engineering (CAE) and electronic design automation (EDA) software. A recent study by Hyperion Research examined users’ adoption of high-performance computing (HPC) cloud resources.

Augmented reality turbine
Survey Reports Substantial Returns on Investment in HPC for Engineering Simulation Applications

The survey, based on 71 projects involving Ansys simulation solutions, shows that on average $151.90 in revenue were generated per dollar of HPC invested. In addition, $34.90 of profit (or cost savings) were generated per dollar of HPC invested, according to the survey. Of particular interest is the contrast in profits generated for projects that used HPC primarily on-premises versus HPC used primarily in the cloud.  

New Survey Reveals that More Companies Are Turning to the Cloud

The demand for greater computing resources to facilitate simulations has led to the increased adoption of cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) within the engineering sector. Engineers using HPC typically use more compute cores now than in 2020. Those using 13 or more cores for parallel processing increased from 44% to 50%.

Setting the Future in Motion

Cloud computing levels the playing field by avoiding the need for robust and expensive workstations on-premises, ensuring teams can work at their best from any location. Everyone on the project can access submitted jobs, enabling easy collaboration within and across teams. With cloud computing solutions, you can always access the latest, most advanced hardware and software without paying for it when it isn’t in use. Industry leaders are turning to cloud-based solutions to increase simulation throughput.

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How to Transform Cloud-Based Engineering Simulations with Ansys and AWS


Cloud Simulation Will Become the Standard

“According to a study conducted by Peerless Research Group for Ansys, 64% of companies are exploring, transitioning, or have completed the transition to using cloud-based engineering applications. ”



The cloud is one of the most valuable innovations of the century. It’s important for almost every domain you may think about. This technological revolution has enabled companies to use their computing resources without installing and maintaining them on-premises. It helps businesses to lower IT costs, improving agility and scale cost-effectively.

Watch this webinar to learn the top challenges that simulation engineers face during their journey, and the opportunities brought by the cloud that allow engineers to get more value from their simulations. Discover how Ansys brings some innovative solutions through the cloud, with a scalable and cost-effective approach.



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