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Ansys Terms and Conditions

We encourage you to print a copy of this agreement for your records since at a later stage such documents may not be available online for your future reference.


Web License Agreement

Current Version 07-29-2021

Software License Agreement Web Version (PDF)

Current Chinese Language Version 8-22-2011

Software License Agreement Web Version (Chinese language version) (PDF)

Terms for AGI Legacy Products  

Software License Agreement Web Version (PDF) (November 2020)


User Terms of Use

Current Version 10-06-2023

Ansys User Terms of Use (HTML) (10-06-23)

Archived Versions

Ansys User Terms of Use (PDF) (04-28-23)

01-12-2021 User Terms or Use

Ansys Data Processing Agreements (DPAs)

Ansys Processor DPA (PDF) (January 2024)

Ansys Customer Letter on Data Privacy (PDF) (September 2023)



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