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Training for Your Team

As a team lead you are looking to develop a group of engineers to perform at their best. This requires driving the individual and group development forward as tasks and technology changes. Needs of individuals differ based on tasks and background, while the team needs a common practice to collaborate in the best way and stay up to date with the latest technology.

Ansys Learning Hub Group Subscription

Invest in your team members continuous learning and development in the field of simulation with a Ansys Learning Hub Group Subscription. With unlimited access to learning resources across the Ansys Software portfolio, every team member can at any time take the relevant steps to grow knowledge and skills. As Team Leader, you will guide your team setting their learning goals and together with the role-based learning guidance, find the right path forward for every individual.


Private Class

If your team is moving into a new area or needs to improve the group practice in a particular subject, Ansys can facilitate a jump start or a tailored deep dive training. This will maximize the efficiency of the knowledge transfer, facilitate better group collaboration and minimize the disruption away from productive work.

Team Learning Management

As Team Leader, your goal is to drive progress by ensuring that your team not only have the available learning resources but also commit the time and achieve their learning objectives. To manage the talents within your team you need to follow their learning journey and offer the right support. Team learning analytics and progress reports are key for you to gain actionable insights. Ansys can be your partner and give you the tools to manage your team to increase individual accomplishments, group productivity and success.