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Aerospace & Defense Webinar Series

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry has been at the leading edge of the development and adoption of simulation technology since the introduction of computerized tools. The reason is simple: It works in a high-reward/high-risk design space, in which the cost of failure is too high. An engineering success like the Space Shuttle’s first manned flight would have been impossible without the extensive use of reliable and accurate computer simulations that guaranteed all systems and components were working correctly.

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Ansys Webinar Series
Webinar Series

Accelerating Next-Generation Aircraft System Design

From aerodynamics and propulsion to structural integrity and electromagnetics, simulation has played a critical role in the design and development of all modern military aircraft. In this webinar series Ansys will present simulation solutions and best practices that apply to some of the most challenging engineering aspects of next-generation aircraft design.

Ansys Webinar Series
Webinar Series

Aerospace & Defense Mini Webinar Series

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry has been at the leading edge of the development and adoption of simulation technology since the first introduction of computerized tools. The reason is simple: The design space in which the A&D industry works is a high-risk/high-reward space, in which the cost of failure is too high to be acceptable. In this 15-minute mini webinar series, we will explore how Ansys simulation technology is used by the A&D industry to design and analyze a wide number of cutting-edge applications and how simulation can help with making these products better, safer and of higher value.

Customer Spotlight

On Demand Webinar
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Multimodal Synthetic Sensor Data for Safe Flight Operation

Leonardo will show how to develop advanced environmental perception functions to improve external situational awareness of pilots and autonomous flight mission management systems.

Upcoming Webinars

November 16, 2022 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT / 9:30 PM IST
automated workflow
Improved Productivity with Automated Workflows for Aerospace & Defence

Sign up for this webinar to learn how our latest automation capabilities can significantly improve productivity and reduce simulation times for Aerospace & Defence.

November 22, 2022 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT / 9:30 PM IST
antenna array
Antenna Array Simulation for Aerospace & Defence

Sign up for this webinar to learn how to design and optimize an antenna array from single element up to complete complex array including feedback network and radome using HFSS.

On Demand Webinars

High Speed Propulsion
High-Speed Propulsion for the A&D Industry

Learn about the latest improvements and features in Ansys Fluent to model air breathing engines, re-entry chemistry, and liquid/solid rocket motors.

Full Mission Support with Ansys HFSS and STK

Using STK, systems engineers develop workflows that seamlessly integrate the higher fidelity component models from its existing market-leading physics-based simulation tools like Ansys HFSS.

Integrating Safety Analysis in an MBSE Process

Safety is a crucial property for many products, especially in the aerospace and defense industry, essential to obtaining the necessary certification. To identify appropriate safety requirements early in the development process and to be able to demonstrate their fulfillment by design, safety analysis must be well integrated into the system development process in all phases.

Digital Transformation and MBSE: Solutions for the Future Webinar Series

Ansys solutions can be used throughout the entire product life cycle, and they provide unique capabilities through a connected digital thread and Model Based System Engineering (MBSE). Learn how your organization can leverage Ansys solutions to achieve these goals with this 5-part webinar series.

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Optimize Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Controller

See how designers can validate system design in a complete mission environment and how planners can predict how the aircraft will perform during different mission profiles.

Chart Graphic
Fail-Safe Hybrid Electric Propulsion System Design

See a regional transport aircraft's system-level functional safety analysis and hybrid-electric power architecture. Having an alternate source of power in the event of batteries failure provides a backup method for a safe emergency landing.

rocket flying through space
Developing Super Light Materials for Spacecraft

How do you develop super lightweight composites designed to hold liquids at near absolute zero but rugged enough for the rigors of space travel?  MT Aerospace specializes in this engineering challenge, delivering lightweight constructions found on the ARIANE launch system, spacecraft, satellites, and Airbus and Boeing fleets.

Ansys Webinar
Reduce Program Risks and Enable Reuse Through Model-Based Engineering of Mission and Safety-Critical Software

This webinar demonstrates how to enable developers and integrators to develop applications compliant quickly and easily for Open Mission Systems with Ansys Scade and Tangram Pro.

Ansys Fluent Mesh Adaption Update
Ansys 2022 R1: Ansys Fluent Mesh Adaption Update

This webinar highlights the major advancements for mesh adaption in Ansys Fluent for aerospace, combustion, and multiphase applications for Ansys 2022 R1.

Fighter jet flying overhead
Improving the Design of Fuel Cells for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Learn about the PEMFC Module in Ansys Fluent and how to create system-level models for fuel cells using 3D ROMs.

Ansys On Demand Webinar
Ansys 2022 R1: Ansys Fluent Aerospace Update

Learn about the new features in Ansys Fluent for aerospace applications, including a dedicated workspace for external aerodynamics simulations.

Ansys Design of Hypersonic Vehicles
Tackling Design Challenges for Hypersonic Vehicles

Learn about the concept of the hypersonic digital twin and learn about recent CFD validations that support the digital twin.

Ansys On Demand Webinar
Improving EO/IR Sensors Using Ansys Optical CFD

Learn about the theory behind aero-optics, and how we use it to understand fog/rain effects, sensor soiling, atmospheric aero-optics, and infrared signatures to optimize electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors.

Aviation Week Webinar:  Engineering Sustainable Aviation
Aviation Week Webinar: Engineering Sustainable Aviation

As the aviation industry recovers from the impact of the pandemic, how will it simultaneously respond to increased demand for air travel while honoring its commitment to reduce its impact on the environment? Attend this webinar to learn near-term solutions such as hybrid and electric aircraft, along with longer-term solutions involving hydrogen propulsion, sustainable fuels and biofuels. Attendees will learn how use simulation technologies to safely and efficiently reach the goal of net-zero emissions.

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A Guided, Fluent Meshing Workflow for the A&D Industry

Explore the exciting new enhancements to Ansys Fluent meshing workflows featured in the Ansys 2020 R2. Through live demonstrations, discover how engineers from the aerospace and defense industries can raise their efficiency with task-based workflows, Mosaic-enabled meshing technology and a streamlined user interface to deliver more accurate results in less time.

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Analyzing Quadcopter Drone Propeller Noise Using Ansys CFD

Learn how to use Ansys Fluent to simulate the noise produced by a generic four-bladed quadcopter drone. Discover how sound analysis tools from Ansys VRXPERIENCE SOUND can be applied to the acoustic results to help assess psychoacoustic parameters associated with the perceived sounds.

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Better Designs for Supersonic Business Jets

Learn how Ansys is helping the A&D industry prepare a new chapter in supersonic commercial aircraft design. This presentation summarizes external aero nearfield sonic boom prediction on the NASA X-59 geometry as presented at the AIAA Sonic Boom workshop. We also discuss the Ansys supersonic panel flutter capability. Comparisons to NASA wind tunnel data are included.

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Overset Meshing Technology for the A&D Industry

In this webinar, we discuss the basics of overset meshing in Ansys Fluent and present best practices. We will also review recent validation studies and novel example cases for external aerodynamics, projectile motion, store separation and marine applications.

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Entering a New Era: Using Simulation Technology for Aircraft Electrification

Join us for this free webinar that provides a detailed look at how cutting-edge simulation technology is radically advancing aircraft electrification. You will learn how pervasive engineering simulation aids in cost reduction and increased product reliability through digital exploration during the design and operation phases of product development cycle. Additionally, this webinar discusses simulation technologies that will help you model and develop electric aircraft components.

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Improving Spacecraft Fuel Tank Design: Reducing Sloshing in Rockets

Join us for this free webinar that dynamically showcases Ansys’ capabilities for simulating the physics of sloshing, including advanced preprocessing tools for geometry discretization (Ansys SpaceClaim and Ansys Fluent). Additionally, it spotlights Ansys’ strong portfolio of solution methods for modeling turbulent multiphase flows and discusses insightful post-processing tools for handling flow physics (Ansys EnSight).

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Radically Improving Engineering Productivity in the Aerospace and Defense Industry With Ansys Fluent 2020 R1

Through live demonstrations and success stories from early users, you will learn how Fluent substantially reduces hands-on development time and drastically boosts efficiency with a single-window, task-based workflow and a dynamic Mosaic-enabled meshing technology. 

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Unstructured Meshing Workflows for the Aerospace and Defense Industries

We will explore how the aerospace and defense industries can utilize Ansys technologies for automated unstructured meshing workflows.

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Aircraft Engine Icing

Ansys icing solutions empower engineers with high fidelity CFD/icing models to account for ice accretion and flow interactions early in the design phase in a seamless manner while harnessing the power of high-performance computing. Attend this webinar to get an overview of Ansys icing solutions with a focus on ice crystal formation in turbomachinery compressors.

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Thermal FSI of a Sounding Rocket Through Atmosphere

This webinar will consider a typical sounding rocket with simplified internal components subjected to atmospheric re-entry aerodynamic conditions. It will illustrate the capabilities and workflow approaches that can be used to evaluate the thermal performance using Ansys structural and CFD simulation tools connected via the Ansys Systems Coupling environment.

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The New Fluent Experience with Mosaic Meshing for the Aerospace and Defense Industries

We will explore how the aerospace and defense industries can optimize their current workflow and increase productivity with exciting new enhancements in the 19.2 release of Ansys Fluent.

Through live demonstrations and success stories from early users, learn how Fluent reduces hands-on time and raises efficiency with a single-window, task-based workflow and Mosaic-enabled meshing technology.

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Multiphysics Simulation For The Aerospace Industry

This webinar presents the Ansys multiphysics solution specifically for the A&D engineer. We will highlight how the Ansys solution works and showcase fluid-structure interaction (FSI) case studies and examples from the A&D industry.

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Addressing Challenges of High-Speed Vehicle Design Using Physics-Based Simulation Technology

In this webinar, we focus on the numerical study of the external aerodynamics of two cruise missile geometries. The first is a generic high-supersonic/low-hypersonic geometry. The study analyzes the main flow features to better understand the physical phenomena that govern the behavior of canard geometries at different angles of attack.

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Designing Safer Ships Using Simulation: Ship-Hull Stability Prediction by Ansys CFD

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how CFD analysis can be used to gain insight into the stability performance of a representative Navy vessel using Ansys Fluent. The free surface effects on the vessel were simulated using the Volume of Fluid Method, while the vessel motion was resolved using the 6-DOF solver.

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Accurate Prediction of Panel Flutter Applicable to Supersonic or High Lift Flight: Results and Comparison to NASA Wind Tunnel Data

Ansys’ fluid–structure interaction (FSI) capability accurately predicts panel flutter under the most challenging conditions. Ansys simulation results will be compared to NASA supersonic wind tunnel data. The simple simulation process and surprisingly small computational requirements for accurate results will also be summarized. 

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Reduced Order Modeling (ROMs) for Aerospace Industry

This webinar will present an overview of ROM technology available with the Ansys platform, along with some examples and a demo of the ROM workflow for CFD..

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Prediction and Remediation to Aircraft Icing via Simulations

Please join us for this webinar to learn about the capabilities and applications of Ansys software for in-flight icing.

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Deliver Unmatched Safety & Security with Model-Based Engineering

Learn about Ansys’ model-based approach for driving the analysis, development and certification of avionics software. Discover how you can efficiently integrate certification and safety requirements, reduce development costs and accelerate time to market.

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Ansys CFD Solutions for Aviation Engine Gear Systems

Learn how to tackle the toughest engineering challenges in aviation engine gear systems using Ansys CFD solutions.

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Ansys Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation for Muzzle Brake Structural Integrity

This webinar will demonstrate how Ansys Fluent and Ansys Mechanical can be used to compute the loads which muzzle brakes are subjected to and the resulting stresses and deformations of the structure.

High-Speed Combustion/Reacting Flow Modeling
High-Speed Combustion/Reacting Flow Modeling

Ansys tools solve some of the A&D industry’s toughest problems. In this webinar, we will focus on workflows that apply high-speed combustion/reacting flow models for use in air breathing engines (ramjet, scramjet, RDE), re-entry chemistry, liquid/solid rocket motors, etc.



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