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Hover Cars & Hard Problems - Podcast

Discussing the engineering challenges of today and tomorrow through simulation.

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About Hover Cars & Hard Problems

Since the dawn of time, dreamers have imagined our future, and engineers have brought these visions into reality. But it's much easier to imagine all wonderful things than it is to make them happen or to predict the future at all. Today, many of our daily gadgets and technology were unimaginable just a few years ago. And yet, things predicted 70 years ago that seemed obvious next steps still elude us today. Having a computer in your pocket seemed unobtainable yet driving to work in your hover car was almost a foregone conclusion. 

But why? We don't all drive hover cars because the technology challenges are more complex than we realized. It is a challenging problem, even by today's standards.

And the number of hard problems is growing. New revolutionary technologies are being invented, causing everything to become more connected and more complex. New creations create even more complicated, hard problems to solve. 

Hover Cars and Hard Problems podcast discusses the engineering problems of today and the future.  

The days of tackling getting better gas mileage in the automotive industry is a one-directional approach in our rearview mirror. Now we're challenged with improving safety and autonomy and communicating with other automobiles or collecting data to help evolve the transportation industry.

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Josh is an aerospace engineer turned storyteller who has been working in the space industry since the 1990s. Throughout his career, he has been communicating complex technical topics to audiences with varying levels of understanding with groups including NASA, NORAD, USAF, and many more.

Rotating Host

Mary Kate runs the PR team at Ansys. She is not an engineer, but she sure can talk. MK translates technical topics for the (non-technical) masses. Her background in media training comes in handy for helping podcast guests gather their thoughts and stay on track. 


Although Josh and Mary-Kate are employees of Ansys, their views do not represent those of Ansys.

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