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Addressing HPC Challenges

HPC delivers significant value to broad range of organization by accelerating discovery and innovation.  Whether it be scientific research or discovery of new materials or accelerating time to market for new product innovations, product designs, organizations rely on HPC to maintain a competitive edge.

This competitive edge is critical in manufacturing and product design wherein time to market and time to solution drives business revenue, profitability and market leadership. One of the key challenges that customers are encountering within this segment is the aging of their compute infrastructure. As the modeling, simulation and visualizations workloads get increasing sophisticated and complex based on the design, regulation and safety requirements, workstations cannot keep up with the compute needs to the users.   To alleviate these issues, we have created numerous Intel®-powered HPC solutions to provide to our Ansys customers an opportunity to scale compute power and handle the growing demand for high-quality, accurate, accelerated multiphysics simulation and visualization.

Intel offers a portfolio of HPC products and wide range of breakthrough technologies that overcome these challenges by providing products that meet the need for high performance compute at the fingertips of Ansys users. The latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor based platforms deliver the capability and agility to reduce the need for dedicated systems running specialized hardware and software for unique workloads. In addition, 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors offer outstanding performance across the board: Compute, floating point, deep learning, memory bandwidth, platform technologies, density, and real-world application performance. The unrivaled performance from these platforms enables our customers to simulate higher-fidelity models faster and at better total costs of ownership.

Ansys Mechanical 2019 R2 has improved scalability to leverage more cores and achieve higher performance on the newest Intel® Xeon® processors. With higher core counts and more on-board memory, users can employ higher fidelity models to achieve more accurate and detailed results.

"Ansys helps customers turn their design concepts into successful, innovative products. The combination of Ansys Mechanical software running on the current 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and taking advantage of both the Intel® Solid State Drive and the Intel® AVX-512 really boosted performance to amazing levels compared to the previous generation processors."
- Dr. Wim Slagter, Director of HPC and Cloud Alliances, Ansys

The Intel® Xeon® Gold 8260 provides higher Fluent performance compared to the previous generation processor, resulting in faster turn-around times. Benefitting from Intel® MPI, Fluent scales out to fully embrace available server cores. This better performance increase allows for higher fidelity simulations and higher quality flow visualizations. Coupled with the Ansys Workbench for parametric studies, design engineers can cover more design space in the product design cycle.

With the Intel®-based Ansys solutions, customers can look at many more design variables and therefore deliver products to the market in a faster time with higher quality and lower cost. They can do many more iterations and compress the product development process to get products to market at a much high quality and a much faster rate. This is where Ansys and Intel HPC delivers the most value.

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