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Application Brief

Ansys Fluent - Faster Simulations at Scale with Intel Xeon CPU Max Series

Each new generation of CPUs enables HPC clusters across industry, government, and academia to run more sophisticated simulations on larger data sets while accelerating results. At the same time, increased compute resources must be balanced by advances in the memory subsystem to keep redesigned, high-performance cores supplied with sufficient data.

This application brief introduces the co-engineered capabilities of Ansys Fluent on the Intel Xeon CPU Max Series and presents test results that demonstrate their combined unique value proposition. It shows that, together with other platform innovations, the CPU’s high memory bandwidth provided by 64GB of in-package memory substantially improves Fluent performance.

What You'll Learn

  • Intel Xeon CPU Max Series delivers significant performance upside for Fluent workloads 
  • Performance advantages across Ansys benchmarks demonstrate the opportunity for Fluent implementation
  •  Platform advances, including HBM built into the processor package and platform-specific tuning and optimizations, enable faster, more cost-effective simulations

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