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DATE: 08/11/2021


Best Practices for Running Scalable, Cost-Effective Engineering Simulation Workloads

Application software continues to be an important element for an organization’s success, particularly those running complex engineering simulations. As new applications emerge and demand different resources than traditional engineering modeling and simulation, datacenter managers are challenged to support both environments while maintaining their budgets.

Consideration must also be given to cloud resource adoption and the growing trend of remote work in providing secure, efficient workflows. A set of best practices would greatly aid CIOs and datacenter managers in providing the HPC infrastructure their engineering teams require to run scalable, cost-effective engineering simulation workloads.

Speakers: Mark Nossokoff, Kirti Devi, Wim Slagter

What you will learn

In this webinar, Hyperion Research, Ansys and Intel will explore the challenges datacenter managers are faced with in today’s HPC climate. They will share a blueprint of best practices that managers can use to provide an optimized infrastructure and work experience for their engineers to perform their modeling and simulations.

Who should attend

Engineering managers, IT managers


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