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Healthcare Industry Webinar Series

Ninety-six percent of the top 50 healthcare companies in the world are using engineering simulation and computer-based models routinely. Leading medical device companies are realizing that their engineers should be using simulation regularly. The FDA and other regulatory authorities encourage the adoption of computer models and simulation — also known as the “in silico” approach — to accelerate the approval process, but many companies are still unsure of how best to adopt and deploy this technology.

This monthly webinar series shares the knowledge and experience of Ansys experts and our partners to guide you in the strategic adoption of engineering simulation.

Featured Webinars

Using Digital Transformation to Streamline Medical Device Development

Those developing medical devices or healthcare technologies – involved in the design, simulation, materials testing, and compliance. 

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Ansys On Demand Webinar
Biomechanical Digital Avatar for Clinicians Using Ansys Discovery

During this presentation, we discuss ways to implement these methods during implant creation workflow using Ansys Discovery while maintaining the validation and physical testing level that regulatory bodies expect of this type of product.

Speakers: Mauricio Toro, CEO, TechFit & Thierry Marchal, Program Director, Ansys

Webinar on demand
Healthcare Industry Webinar Series
Patient-specific Bone Fracture Surgery Modeling

This webinar spotlights how clinicians use Ansys Mechanical to create two patient-specific finite element models for evaluating the optimal fracture reduction and stabilization. Learn how they use Mechanical to model the geometry and behavior of fractured bone material and its interaction with surgical material.

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Healthcare Industry Webinar Series
Digitally Transforming Healthcare with Ansys Granta & Ansys Minerva

This webinar spotlights Ansys Granta’s capabilities for importing and analyzing materials data, used to characterize and qualify the materials arriving from suppliers and leveraged by simulation engineers to ensure performance. 

Webinar on demand
Healthcare Industry Webinar Series
In-silico Modeling of the Patient-specific Heart

The predictive modeling of cardiac mechanics to accurately reproduce the heart’s functionality and response to external disturbances remains a challenging task. The need to assess multiple physical domains — structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and electrophysiology — places high demands on numerical solution strategies.

Webinar on demand
Healthcare Industry Webinar Series
Computational-based MRI Thermal Injury Risk Assessment for Patients Implanted With Passive Spinal Devices

Attend this webinar to learn more about the role of CM&S as a tool in generating evidence for MR device safety. The speaker will also cover important topics such as worst-case selection methodology and computational model verification, validation and uncertainty quantification.

Webinar on demand
Healthcare Industry Webinar Series
Closing the Loop on Medical Device Systems Simulation: An Insulin Delivery System

View this webinar to learn about a systems simulation solution of a wearable insulin pump that illustrates the complexities of developing these multi-disciplinary systems. The model includes evaluation of various physical components, control algorithms, display interfaces and power electronics.

Webinar On Demand
UV Fluid Disinfection

If you would like to know more about UV-C systems for surface, air or water disinfection, join us in this webinar and learn how to optimize your lighting system, materials and configurations.

Webinar on Demand
Ansys Health Industry Webinar Series
Integrating 3D Medical Images with Simulation

Learn how to generate both patient-specific and populations of anatomical models with Synopsys Simpleware software, and how integration of Synopsys ScanIP into Ansys Workbench facilitates computational modeling with patient-specific anatomy. 

Speakers: Rebecca Bryan, Synopsys & Marc Horner, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys



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