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Teaching Fluids Mechanics Simulation for Fighting Pollution

Join this webinar to learn how to engage students in how tech solutions such as smog towers can contribute to a more sustainable future. Learn how the already created education resources can support easy implementation into your curriculum while retaining, engaging, and teaching your students about industry-standard tools.

October 23, 2024


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According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is associated with a significant number of annual premature deaths in 2023. Smog towers are simple technology solutions that can fight city pollution and reduce fine particles. With a typical diameter and height of tens of meters, they use multiple layers of filters to filter out the polluted air and release cleaner air for improved atmosphere quality.

Join this webinar to learn how to engage your students on this topic, which will motivate them to contribute to SDG #11. We will use Ansys Fluent simulations to understand the effectiveness of the smog tower and how it can be used to run and simulate similar cases.  

Teaching sustainable development concepts within engineering courses themed webinar series 

This series of teaching webinars is designed to support the growing urge in academia to act and prepare students to contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals. We understand that incorporating the skills to design products or solve complex problems, which take into account such frameworks, is not an easy task for traditionally technical knowledge and skills-focused engineering courses. This series explicitly addresses various sustainable development concepts relevant to engineering practices. We ook to illustrate their industrial application with Ansys simulation tools, providing you with practical knowledge that can enhance your professional development. The benefit of visualizing and understanding both – theoretical fundamentals and their applications - will be a common thread in all the sessions, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. 

Each webinar is independent in terms of content, but we invite you to register for all our sustainability themed teaching webinars – the series includes:

  • Critical raw materials in design for responsible production and consumption 
  • Improving electric motors and generators performance for electrification 
  • Wind turbine design optimization for affordable and clean energy
  • Fluid dynamics for smog tower design to mitigate air pollution

What you will learn

  • How to engage students on the importance of low-tech solutions in large-scale deployments that support sustainable development goals
  • What physical phenomenon in fluids mechanics are used and how to simulate it in CFD
  • What teaching resources does Ansys provide to connect fluid mechanics fundamentals to airflow in filter applications

Who should attend

Educators teaching in mechanical, fluids or energy systems undergraduate engineering degrees. Additionally, engineers and students interested in these topics will find value.


Gautham Varma