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Engaging Complexity:  Air Systems and Digital Mission Engineering

Want to learn more about air systems development and test lifecycle? Join us for this first webinar in a 7-part webinar series that explores air systems development and test lifecycle and the benefits of digital transformation.


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About this Webinar

We'll review the emerging challenges in air systems and mission design with an analysis of the limitations of legacy approaches. We're outlining how Digital Mission Engineering (DME) reduces discontinuity across modeling and simulation efforts throughout the design lifecycle.

We'll demonstrate the value of representing early Concept of Operations (CONOPS) with preliminary system designs executed within a simulation environment, allowing designers to quickly explore how early design choices impact performance at a mission level.

What You Will Learn

  • Emerging challenges in air systems and mission design
  • Digital Mission Engineering to reduce discontinuity throughout the design lifecycle
  • The value of early Conceptual Operations (CONOPS)
  • Exploring design choices and their impact on performance in mission

Who Should Attend

Designed for program managers and mid-level to senior engineers in systems and operations analysis, aircraft systems design, and test and evaluation.

Speaker Name

Robert Etter, Product Manager