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Ansys 2021 R1 Signal and Power Integrity Update

Ansys 2021 R1 introduces significant simulation improvements for electronic printed circuit boards and IC packages. Ansys SIwave has several new features, including a DDR Wizard for automated PCB design, support for the Ansys Granta material library and differential net time domain crosstalk scan. Ansys Prime meshing is now available in Ansys Q3D to improve accuracy and convergence on CG solutions. And we are introducing the breakthrough Ansys HFSS Mesh Fusion technology in 3D Layout.

Register for this webinar detailing all the significant advancements in SIwave:

  • A new wizard that automates workflow to improve setup time and schematic generation required for PCB designs with DDR
  • Added support in SIwave for differential net time domain crosstalk scan
  • Granta material library support in SIwave
  • Commercial release of Ansys Prime meshing in Q3D for improved accuracy and convergence
  • Tighter integration of Network Data Explorer in Ansys Electronics Desktop
  • The introduction of HFSS Mesh Fusion in 3D Layout
  • Support for encrypted HFSS 3D Components in 3D Layout
  • Q3D DCR with 3D Components in Layout


Juliano Mologni is the EMI/EMC Product Manager at Ansys. He has background and experience in computational electromagnetics, including completing several RF and EMC projects with top automotive, A&D, consumer appliances and high-tech companies.

With over 20 years of experience, he is an author of patents and more than 60 journal and conference papers.




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