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TAITherm – Advanced thermal analysis software that provides engineers with an expert tool for the fast and accurate heat transfer simulations of transient thermal problems. TAITherm is a complete thermal modeling program that features a powerful radiation solver for modeling the results of multi-mode heat transfer and fluid flow. TAITherm can be coupled with CFD solvers to solve complex thermal models that leverage CFD for calculating 3D flow fields.

Human Thermal Comfort – Model for analyzing human thermal physiology and human comfort within complex environments: indoor, outdoor, and in transportation systems. Place virtual humans into transient environments, and compute comfort indexes. Complete physiology model including localized thermoregulatory response such as perspiration, respiration, shivering, and blood flow changes.

CoTherm – New CAE coupling software that provides a flexible, generic, and user-friendly way of implementing complex CAE processes with an application independent interface for the coupling of different simulation codes, including thermal, CFD, FEA, 1D, and other CAE domains. CoTherm includes an API and script interface that can be readily customized by engineers or software developers to integrate different CAE tools facilitating the flow of data between the coupled solvers. Automatic monitoring of the coupled solvers supports easy evaluation of progress and convergence.

Battery Thermal – The Battery Module performs a coupled thermal-electrical analysis of a battery cell or pack and supports both charging and discharging states to capture realistic time-varying loads and charges. The charge state of the battery is computed over time as the load varies with demand. Because the Battery Module supports both cell and pack-level behaviors, optimization of battery performance cells can be achieved by varying cell geometry, tab location, and number of cells in a pack.

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