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Materials Characterization

Reliability Engineering Services

Providing electrical, mechanical and reliability characterization services

One of the biggest challenges standing in the way of pervasive simulation across all industries is the lack of shared data between supplier and customer. Often, data sheets provided by suppliers do not contain critical information needed by the engineer or designer, such as material properties necessary for accurate model inputs. Even if the supplier has the essential information, intellectual property rights concerns can often prevent a full and robust data exchange up and down the supply chain. This lack of information stifles the design and simulation process and causes misunderstandings resulting in unnecessary delays or significant warranty claims.

Ansys offers materials characterization services that provide solutions for missing component data. This service includes:

  • Electrical characterization

  • Mechanical characterization 

  • Reliability characterization

Our electrical characterization process provides important parametric information about electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs). This capability includes basic information, such as VI curves and timing, to more complex behaviors, such as electromagnetic radiation and high-frequency impedance.

Our mechanical characterization process accurately captures the necessary geometry and material properties to perform robust simulation of electronic packages, assemblies, and entire systems. The Ansys team specializes in precise part deconstruction including, 3D X-ray, digital image correlation (DIC), and decapsulation, as well as temperature-dependent characterization of both on-board (i.e., underfill) and off-board (i.e., glass-filled housing) materials.

Our reliability characterization process utilizes accelerated life testing (ALT) to analyze how a product or component will function under stressors i.e., temperature changes, shocks or vibrations). Our work provides customers with data to perform robust life predictions, including parametric shifts in integrated circuits (i.e., memory, CPU, ASIC, etc.), fretting behavior of connectors and fatigue/creep parameters of adhesives. 

At Ansys, we are committed to offering a RES suite dedicated to providing our customers with the tools needed for improved product performance, superior product design, and faster time to market.