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ZeroAvia Develops Sustainable Powertrain

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Hydrogen-Electric Powertrains

A leader in sustainable aviation, ZeroAvia is developing a new, sustainable hydrogen-electric powertrain to reduce aircraft emissions. By working with aircraft operators, owners, and manufacturers they hope to supply the world’s breakthrough zero-emission engines and the infrastructure to power a revolution in green flight. See how ZeroAvia engineers use Ansys multiphysics simulations to help make this a reality. 

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“For system certification, we use Ansys simulation to support the critical aspects of hydrogen-electric engine design — including thermal, safety, certification, stress, fatigue, and lifting."

Youcef Abdelli,
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer of Electric Propulsion Systems, ZeroAvia

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ZeroAvia Reduces Greenhouse Gases and Drives Toward More Sustainable Air Transport with Ansys

Ansys solutions enable development and certification of ZeroAvia's hydrogen-electric powertrain for aircraft that emits only water.

Ansys Hybrid & Electric Propulsion for Sustainable Aviation

Hybrid and Electric Propulsion for Sustainable Aviation

How commercial aviation companies can advance sustainable propulsion today while pursuing the breakthrough technologies of tomorrow.  

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Simulation Solutions for Aviation: Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Systems

As aviation manufacturers develop more sustainable propulsion systems and strive to reduce the environmental impact of commercial aircraft, they must design products optimized for performance and safety.