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Multiphysics Analysis Solutions for Chips and 3D IC Systems

Create Reliable and Efficient Designs With Production-Proven Multiphysics Analysis 

Ansys cloud-native solutions provide unparalleled capacity to speed up completion times for even the largest finFET integrated circuits (IC) and 3D/2.5D multi-die systems. These powerful multiphysics analysis and verification tools reduce power consumption, improve performance and reliability, and lower project risk with foundry-certified golden signoff verification.

Create Reliable Semiconductors

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  • Power integrity (EM/IR) analysis and modeling with RedHawk-SC for digital, and Totem-SC for analog designs
  • Electrothermal analysis of 2.5D/3D multi-die systems
  • Variability-aware path timing with Path FX
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and reliability analysis with PathFinder-SC
  • RTL power analysis and reduction with PowerArtist
  • On-silicon electromagnetic analysis and modeling with RaptorH, Pharos, Exalto, and VeloceRF
  • Cloud-native elastic compute architecture for full-chip capacity


Ansys Semiconductors

This video briefly overviews the challenges and solutions addressed by Ansys Semiconductor software products for the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) market. Semiconductor design is going through an inflection point as designers face two significant challenges rooted in manufacturing advances: The first is the ongoing march of Moore’s Law into advanced finFET process technology below 5nm. We see newtransistor architectures like nanosheet gate-all-around (GAA) and back-side power delivery.The second set of challenges facing semiconductor designers relates to multi-die design, 2.5D/3D-IC packaging, and heterogeneous integration. Leading design teams have adopted these advances as they face various novel multiphysics challenges to succeed with 3D-IC. New multiphysics challenges include

  • Thermal analysis and prototyping
  • .Electromagnetic coupling (EMC/EMI) of interposer signals, even digital ones.
  • Reliability issues from thermo-mechanical Stress & Warpage of multi-die assemblies.

Customer Quotes from IDEAS Digital Platform


The semiconductor product line delivers significant advances in performance and capacity for advanced node chips, introducing new features for multi-die design's thermal and Multiphysics analysis.

  • Enhanced thermal integrity flow for sub-5nm and 3D IC designs, including new hierarchical Chip Thermal Models (CTM)
  • SigmaDVD technology delivers new power integrity capabilities in RedHawk-SC, accurately analyzing dynamic voltage drop (DVD) effects in leading-edge designs
  • Reduced Order Models (ROM) enable a high-capacity analysis of chip and package systems while maintaining result accuracy
  • Incremental fixing of IR-drop with the new IR-ECO flow that integrates RedHawk-SC signoff analysis with popular implementation tools for physical ECOs
  • Introducing PathFinder-SC, built on the cloud-optimized SeaScape platform, delivers 4x speed and 3x memory reduction essential for electrostatic discharge (ESD) analysis
  • Achieve up to 2x speed with RaptorX distributed processing, essential for on-die electromagnetic analyses of high-speed signals


Ansys Semiconductor products provide a comprehensive suite of multiphysics EM/IR, thermal and electromagnetic simulation engines designed to support third-party IC implementation flows for digital and transistor-level design.

The core products are built on the ultra-high capacity, cloud-native SeaScape™ platform, which uses an elastic-compute big-data machine learning architecture to deliver near-linear scalability over thousands of CPU cores.

Ansys RedHawk-SC (digital) and Ansys Totem (analog) are the world’s leading solutions for SoC power integrity analysis. You can model supply voltage variations with foundry-verified signoff accuracy and reduce the overall power noise impact through the package and board. Current density and electromigration analysis are thermal-aware for both power supply metal and signal interconnect on chip or package layers.

Ansys RedHawk-SC’s diagnostics capabilities identify the sources of dynamic power supply noise through vectored and vectorless activity that give comprehensive coverage and eliminate voltage escapes and potential frequency loss. Ansys Path FX provides a variation-aware static timing analysis of critical paths to SPICE accuracy across all voltages with just a single timing library file.

Ansys RedHawk-SC Electrothermal provides multiphysics analysis for stacked multi-die packages for power integrity, thermal analysis, and mechanical stress/warpage – all the way from early prototyping to final signoff. This high-capacity multiphysics analysis is in full context of the entire 2.5D/3D system for maximum accuracy and to ensure system reliability. The co-simulation analysis integrates to system-level tools including Ansys Icepak and Ansys SIwave.

Identify power hotspots and debug their root cause interactively with a powerful graphical interface and custom queries. Reduce clock, memory, and logic power with high-impact block- and instance-level RTL techniques based on production-proven physically-aware power analysis. Profile power of real workloads rapidly and qualify coverage.

Ansys RaptorH has the capacity capacity to model power grids, full custom blocks, spiral inductors, and clock trees. Its high-speed distributed processing delivers accurate, silicon-proven S-parameter and RLCk models. RaptorH makes it easy to use either the general purpose HFSS engine or the silicon-optimized RaptorX engine.

Ansys PathFinder simulates human body model (HBM) and charge device model (CDM) events for static and transient silicon-correlated accuracy. It ensures ESD integrity and reduces debugging turnaround time.

Ansys Totem is a comprehensive co-simulation framework for analog, mixed-signal and custom circuit designs and provides a comprehensive full-chip solution for modeling and simulating noise injection, propagation and coupling through the on-die power grid RLC, substrate RC, and package RLC networks.

Ansys SeaScape infrastructure provides per-core scalability, flexible design data access, instantaneous design bring-up, MapReduce-enabled analytics, and many other revolutionary capabilities. With unparalleled scalability across thousands of cores using big data techniques, Ansys RedHawk-SC helps you sign off billion+ instance designs within a few hours on commodity hardware. No dedicated machines are needed.

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