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Ansys works with the world’s largest and most innovative companies—across industries and around the world—to achieve what’s never been possible before.  

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Autonomous vehicle technology

Ansys Autonomous Survey

Driverless Days Ahead?


Ansys Electrification Survey

Eyes on Greener Skies

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections

Ansys 5G Survey

What Does 5G Mean to Consumers?


Ansys Logo

Ansys official logos available for download.


5G V2X

Ansys simulation solutions are critical to the future of 5G connected cities


Digital Twin

Digital twins created using Ansys simulation tools optimize the operation of devices or systems, save money by reducing unplanned downtime and enable engineers to test solutions virtually before doing physical repairs.


Dr. Ajei Gopal

President and Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Nicole Anasenes, chief financial officer and senior vice president, finance at Ansys

Nicole Anasenes

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance

Photo of Shane Emswiler, senior vice president, products at Ansys

Shane Emswiler

Senior Vice President, Products

Walt Hearn Headshot

Walt Hearn

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Customer Excellence


Andy Kincheloe

Vice President, Global Marketing, Channel, and Go-To-Market Operations


Janet Lee

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

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