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Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation
Autonomous Vehicle (AV) & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Simulation Software

Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Brings Better Business Value

Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation provides a solution designed specifically to support developing, testing and validating safe automated driving technologies. This autonomous vehicle simulation solution saves significant time and costs versus traditional development and testing methods by allowing you to exercise your AV/ADAS software stack in a closed loop, with sensor-accurate synthetic data in software-in-the-loop or hardware-in-the-loop context with the driving simulator of your choice.

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Simulation Toolchain for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / Autonomous Driving Functions

Comprehensive Simulation Tool Chain for Sensor Components to Full Stack System Validation

Ansys AVxcelerate offers dedicated simulation features for sensors and headlamp components to speed up and improve the development and testing of ADAS and autonomous systems. With the unique real-time and physics-based simulation capabilities of AVxcelerate, users can confidently test and optimize the performance of their intelligent headlamp and sensor perception.

OEMs and Tiers can rely on proven and trustable digital data to complement actual driving sessions and edge case coverage. Leveraging its unique real-time capability, AVxcelerate allows you to leverage virtual testing in the Software in the loop (SiL) or Hardware in the loop (HiL) context following the progress of your design cycles.

Ansys AVxcelerate provides an open architecture that connects Ansys simulation to any driving simulator and toolchain you choose, like IPG Automotive CarMaker or Carla. You can now recreate virtually any real-world driving conditionto test systems under variable traffic, terrain, weather, and lighting conditions.

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Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Products

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January 2024

What's New

Keeping safety as the foremost objective, the most notable improvements in this 2024 R1 deliver on the critical aspects that elevate the development of ADAS/AD features. With enhancements in overall integration and connectivity, radar sensor simulation, and industry-mandated virtual headlamp regulation, this release covers many innovations to help our users design the most robust industry solutions.

AVxcelerate Sensors



Ansys 2024 R1: Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation (AVxcelerate) What’s New

Learn the new features of AVxcelerate and how engineers can leverage these features in their simulations



Designed and developed to support the iterative process for cutting-edge sensor and headlamp systems, this solution includes dedicated applications for developing ADAS and autonomous systems. Simulation capabilities reduce the time and cost of physical testing.

Assess perception performances by varying vehicle dynamics, driving scenario conditions (such as lighting), or surrounding traffic situations. Perform NCAP rating tests in co-simulation within the driving simulator of your choice.

Inject accurate raw signals simulated by virtual physics-based sensors for perception in the loop testing. Run reproducible virtual drive on test benches thanks to co-simulation with IPG Automotive CarMaker, Carla or any driving simulator of your choice. 

The real-time, physics-based solution allows you to simulate virtual prototypes of headlamps within physically realistic scenarios. Perform beam assessment and regulation checks with a wide set of analysis tools to detect, measure and compare any defects in beam patterns. Visualization in false colors facilitates the comparison between different behaviors and light sources — Halogen, Xenon or LED. Measurement grids ease the assessment of homogeneity of light distribution and the aiming wall allows you to check the conformity of the cut-off according to regional regulation.

The solution offers a real-time pixel beam simulation and control mechanism capable of managing pixel-level beam behavior (such as DMD or microLED systems for example). Efficiently develop, iterate and test your intelligent lighting system control software, including using hardware-in-the-loop simulation, with camera sensor injection.



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Autonomy System Development

Model-based safety and cybersecurity assessments using Ansys simulation help to accelerate autonomous system development and certification.


Autonomy Planning & Control Validation

Ansys simulation solutions and safety analysis enable a testing strategy to be defined that includes detailed and realistic world modeling and scenario generation that incorporates high-fidelity sensor simulations. 

Autonomous vehicle sensor simulation including lidar, radar and camera design

Autonomy Sensors

Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor simulation capability that includes lidar, radar and camera design and development.

Vehicle exterior

Vehicle Exterior

Ansys simulation enables you to optimize automotive exteriors by lowering drag, reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency and range.

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avxcelerate radar simulation

Physics-Based Radar Modeling: Driving Toward Increased Safety

An innovativesolution fromAnsys, AVxcelerate, is designed to speed up the sensor developmentprocess — without compromising safety — by simulatingproduct performance under varying road and environmental conditions.


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