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Ansys Additive Suite

Comprehensive Additive Manufacturing Solution

With Ansys Additive Suite, users have access to all Additive tools, including Additive Prep, Additive Print, Additive Science and Workbench Additive.



Critical insights required for a successful Additive Manufacturing workflow

A comprehensive solution for designs, engineers and analysts, Ansys Additive Suite spans the entire workflow – from design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) through validation, print design, process simulation and exploration of materials.

Additive Suite includes Additive Print, Prep and Science tools, in addition to access to Ansys Workbench Additive.

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    Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
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    Directed Energy Deposition
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    Powder Bed Fusion
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    Metal Sintering

Quick Specs

Delivering critical insights required by designers, engineers and analysts, Ansys Additive Suite is a comprehensive workflow solution. Spanning the entire workflow, from design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) through validation, print design and more, this solution helps avoid build failure and deliver accurately designed parts.

  • Topology and Lattice Optimization
  • Comprehensive inlet and outlet condition
  • Metal PBF Process Simulation
  • Distortion Compensation
  • Build Failure Prediction
  • Material Analysis
  • Melt Pool, Porosity and Microstructure Predictions
  • Design Validation
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis
  • Process Simulation
  • Material Analysis


A Powerful Simulation Solution for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Avoid build failure and create parts that accurately conform to design specifications with Ansys Additive Suite. Delivering critical insights for designers, engineers and analysts, this comprehensive solution spans the entire workflow.

With Additive Suite, users gain access to Additive Print, Prep and Science tools, in addition to Ansys Workbench Additive.

Ansys Additive Suite is available as an add-on to the Ansys Mechanical Enterprise license.



Key Features

Enhance your Additive Manufacturing with:

  • Topology Optimization
  • STL File and Geometry Manipulation
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis and Design Validation
  • Additive Process Simulation
  • Ansys Additive Print
  • Additive Science
  • Power Bed Fusion (PBF)
  • Direct Energy Deposition (DED)
  • Metal Sintering
  • Machine Learning (ML) Thermal Strain

With Topology Optimization, users have the tools needed to design durable, lightweight components for any application. Easily define objectives and apply controls to ensure requirements are met, minimum material thicknesses are set and exclusion areas are defined.

Utilize STL file and geometry manipulation for geometry repair, lattice creation and cleanup of parts using the software’s faceted data tools.

Utilize full nonlinear and linear analysis capabilities to validate designs under a vast range of scenarios. Both thermal and structural loading conditions can be applied to understand performance and durability.

Predict part shape, distortion and stresses before printing with this native feature. Specifically designed for users familiar with this environment, print simulation facilitates the set up and solving of print simulations. Flexibility allows for adjusting workflow settings as needed.

A standalone application for design-stage investigation of materials and optimal machine parameters. Capabilities include:

  • Material analysis tool for Additive Manufactured parts
  • Porosity prediction
  • Microstructure prediction
  • Grain morphology
  • Material tuning wizards

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