3D Electromagnetic Field Simulator for RF and Wireless Design

ANSYS HFSS is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software for designing and simulating high-frequency electronic products such as antennas, antenna arrays, RF or microwave components, high-speed interconnects, filters, connectors, IC packages and printed circuit boards. Engineers worldwide use ANSYS HFSS to design high-frequency, high-speed electronics found in communications systems, radar systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), satellites, internet-of-things (IoT) products and other high-speed RF and digital devices.

HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator) employs versatile solvers and an intuitive GUI to give you unparalleled performance plus deep insight into all your 3D EM problems. Through integration with ANSYS thermal, structural and fluid dynamics tools, HFSS provides a powerful and complete multiphysics analysis of electronic products, ensuring their thermal and structural reliability. HFSS is synonymous with gold standard accuracy and reliability for tackling 3D EM challenges by virtue of its automatic adaptive meshing technique and sophisticated solvers, which can be accelerated through high performance computing (HPC) technology.

The ANSYS HFSS simulation suite consists of a comprehensive set of solvers to address diverse electromagnetic problems ranging in detail and scale from passive IC components to extremely large-scale EM analyses such as automotive radar scenes for ADAS systems. Its reliable automatic adaptive mesh refinement lets you focus on the design instead of spending time determining and creating the best mesh. This automation and guaranteed accuracy differentiates HFSS from all other EM simulators, which require manual user control and multiple solutions to ensure that the generated mesh is suitable and accurate. With ANSYS HFSS, the physics defines the mesh rather than the mesh defining the physics.

ANSYS HFSS is the premier EM tool for R&D and virtual design prototyping. It reduces design cycle time and boosts your product’s reliability and performance. Beat the competition and capture your market with ANSYS HFSS.


High-Frequency Electromagnetic Solvers

Simulate the electromagnetic behavior of your products using the premier electromagnetic solver technology.

Creeping Wave Physics
Reliability and Automatic Adaptive Meshing

In HFSS, meshes are produced automatically, ensuring efficient simulations and highly accurate results.

Refined mesh
3D Components

Share 3D simulation-ready components throughout the supply chain and protect your IP.

3D simulation components
Advanced Phased Array Antenna Simulation

Calculate phased-array antennas with all electromagnetic effects, including element-to-element coupling and critical array edge effects.

Advanced Phased Array Antenna Simulation
High-Performance Computing

Perform bigger, faster and higher fidelity simulations with our groundbreaking HPC methodologies, which are optimized for single multicore machines and scalable to take advantage of full cluster power.

High-performance computing
Optimized User Environment

The full-featured 3D solid modeler and layout interface enables you to work in a layout design flow, or to import and edit 3D CAD geometry.

Galileo Board for optimized user environment
RF Systems and Circuits

RF systems and circuits capabilities provide advanced simulation of complex RF, analog, digital and mixed-signal designs with accuracy and speed.

ANSYS EMIT solves the complete RF environment, including radio frequency interference.
SI Circuits

Create a full-featured power integrity and signal integrity analysis environment including nonlinear circuit analyses, transient and more.

DDR3 simulation performed with the ANSYS SI option, showing DQ, DQS and timing eye patterns
Multidomain System Modeling

Extend 3D electromagnetic simulation by including multidomain system simulation.

Multidomain System Modeling
EMI Solution

Identify areas of potential interference on your PCB design.

EMI scanner
Electronics Desktop

Unified platform for electromagnetic, electromechanical, circuit and system simulation. HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor, Icepak and Simplorer are built into the Electronics Desktop, which serves as a universal pre- and post- processor for these tools.

Electronics Desktop Capability

Enables you to quickly identify optimal values for critical design parameters and perform detailed sensitivity and statistical analysis.

Optimetrics Capability
Network Data Explorer

Provides visualization, analysis and manipulation tools for network data.

Network Data Explorer
HFSS Packages

Includes HFSS, Electronics Pro 2D and additional capabilities.

ANSYS HFSS Packages Capability

See how our customers are using our software:

Hanyang University

Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul Korea.

Researchers designed a compact wearable antenna that covers instrument, scientific and measurement bands They were challenged with configuring multiple design parameters to achieve return loss and axial ratio bandwidths design goals. Excellent correlation with measurement for both s-parameter and far field patterns are demonstrated in the paper. View Case Study
Chemring Technology Solutions

Chemring Technology Solutions

ANSYS HFSS helps to deliver innovative communications and networking solutions. Chemring consulting engineers leveraged ANSYS HFSS to deliver solutions across a variety of industries, Including designs for wireless hearing aids, body networking technology and automotive collision avoidance radar. With ANSYS HFSS, Chemring was able to accurately predict both device performance and make recommendations for design trade-offs to deliver successful products for their customers. View Case Study