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Ansys Digital Safety Manager
Driving Safety Process Optimization

By acting as a central hub for gathering data, managing resources, planning and automating many process steps, Ansys enables a comprehensive view on safety.

Digital Safety Management

Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing Rework

Product and safety managers demand complete confidence in the safety of every product they oversee. As product design becomes more complex, so does the need for a comprehensive safety platform. Ansys Digital Safety Manager (DSM) provides this solution for safety analysis and engineering by addressing the needs for digitalizing the management of safety in product development, deployment and operation.   

For complex, multi-year projects, DSM streamlines, accelerates and improves the accuracy of all safety activities. For the first time, safety, project and program managers get a single perspective on safety ― beyond the individual project level.

  • Advanced visibility and transparency
    Advanced visibility and transparency
  • Higher levels of productivity
    Higher levels of productivity
  • Systematic & consistent reuse of safety plans
    Systematic & consistent reuse of safety plans
  • Significant time and cost savings
    Significant time and cost savings

Quick Specs

Ansys DSM optimizes the creation, execution and finalization of safety plans with digitalization of safety management processes.

  • Increased transparency
  • Reduced cost of safety management
  • Incremental development
  • Improved efficiency with reuse
  • Managed safety case complexity
  • Several Integration Capabilities

Creating a Safety-Oriented Culture via Ansys Digital Safety Manager

With Ansys Digital Safety Manager, organizations introduce a central safety hub to manage their safety plans and establish their safety cases.

Improve efficiency and accuracy of all safety activities with traceability

The world’s automotive engineering teams have typically viewed safety analysis as an execution-based activity. As dozens of electronic components and systems are aggregated in a vehicle design, safety teams conduct modeling and analysis to ensure they will perform reliably under every potential driving scenario.

Today, Ansys Digital Safety Manager is amplifying these benefits by optimizing safety management at the next level. Instead of just focusing on individual projects, Ansys Digital Safety Manager optimizes all safety efforts across the organization, ensuring that best practices and the right resources are applied every day, on every project.


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Autonomy System Development

Model-based safety and cybersecurity assessments using Ansys simulation help to accelerate autonomous system development and certification.

cyber security app

Plan, execute and monitor safety activities and establish incremental safety cases

Ansys Digital Safety Manager recognizes and reflects the way safety teams work every day, not only internally but with their suppliers, assessors and reviewers. It supports the creation and execution of safety plans, their execution and monitoring via KPIs and the establishment of consistent incremental safety cases.

Ansys Digital Safety Manager is well integrated with tools for safety engineering as well as PLM and project planning tools. It is applicable in different domains including automotive, aerospace & defense, industrial applications and railways.


Key Features

  • Tool Guided Safety Planning
  • Assisted Reuse of Results
  • Easy One-Click Safety Case
  • Task Based Safety Plan Execution and Reviews
  • KPI Monitoring and Reporting

Tool guided creation, tailoring and reuse of safety plans.

Reuse of safety plans, focusing on deltas and their progress towards the safety case.

Easy one-click derivation of safety case for each product.

Confidently leverage tool-based DSM features to reduce manual activities to check tool output.

To make sure projects remain on track, this solution also gathers metrics related to key performance indicators and sends alerts when efforts are running late, over budget or otherwise outside predefined performance parameters.


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Revolutionize the Management of Your Safety Activities

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Creating a Safety-Oriented Culture via Ansys Digital Safety Manager

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Ansys Digital Safety Manager

Revolutionize the management of your safety activities

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