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Healthcare Engineering Simulation

Advancing In Silico Medicine

Modeling and simulation are proven ways to address the high and unsustainable costs and time required for design and regulatory approval of increasingly complex healthcare solutions. This in silico approach maximizes patient safety while making healthcare more affordable.

Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare With In Silico Medicine

With a patient’s well-being and even life at stake, product failure is not an option. Realizing the benefits of in silico medicine by applying engineering simulation throughout development and the regulatory approval process, accelerates innovation, reduces cost and shortens time to market while meeting safety standards and product deadlines.

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    Medical Devices
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    Clinical Applications
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Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare within Silico Medicine

Simulation Solutions That Serve the Entire Healthcare Industry

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Medical Devices

Engineering simulation of medical devices and their interaction with the body accelerate innovation, design optimization and regulatory approval processes.

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Clinical Applications

Clinically validated, predictive computer models of surgical and medical protocols applied to patient-specific models deliver improved patient outcomes.

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Pharma and Biopharma

Physics based simulation optimizes drug production processes and provides scaled delivery mechanisms to the target population.

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The adoption of in silico methods is pervasive across all healthcare sectors. Engineering simulation is used during discovery and ideation, invention and prototyping, pre-clinical, clinical, and regulatory decision-making.

For modern connected devices, such as wearable insulin pumps, in silico methods help designers optimize catheters, needles, embedded software and insulin absorption.

Modeling and simulation have also been adopted to optimize orthopedic and cardiovascular implants, respiratory devices, hospital equipment and drug manufacturing and delivery.

Disruption in Healthcare is Here

In silico medicine is set to drastically change the way engineers approach healthcare solutions.

Disruption in Healthcare is Here

Simulating the performance of drugs, devices and therapies in a low-risk, cost-effective virtual environment can develop disruptive innovations much faster and at lower cost. Healthcare pioneers have repeatedly reported returns on investment of greater than 500%.

In silico medicine— synonymous with “computational” medicine—is revolutionizing the equipment and procedures of the health care industry. This approach takes advantage of digital modeling and simulation. Many industry leaders have turned to Ansys software to pursue this approach as it offers fast product development cycles along with reduced costs.

The medical industry has only recently adopted simulation-based techniques. In this whitepaper you’ll see how this is pushing the boundaries of health care solutions. For example, simulation is responsible for medical innovative approaches such as Virtual Human Laboratory (VHL) which allows users to understand the effects of implants or drugs, in a digital workspace. This reduces risks associated with traditional testing and can even assist with FDA approval.  It is a win-win situation that can increase safety and performance while simultaneously reducing development costs and time to market.

The Rise of In Silico Medicine

To accelerate adoption and ensure the highest safety standards are maintained, the leading medical device and pharma companies, in collaboration with the regulators and simulation industry, have developed  best practices to enable dramatic cost and time to market reduction while maximizing patient safety.


Healthcare Industry Webinar Series

This monthly webinar series shares the knowledge and experience of Ansys experts and our partners to guide you in the strategic adoption of engineering simulation.

aortic flow simulation

Take Heart: Personal Digital Avatar Dramatically Improves Aortic Surgery Outcomes

Learn how Professor Jean-Philippe Verhoye is using biomedical simulations of individual patients’ vascular systems to inform surgery and produce better outcomes.


Leveraging Engineering Simulation to Fast-Track Personalized Healthcare

Engineering simulation provides a cost-effective, rapid and straightforward solution for modeling patients’ bodies.


Overview of the Regulatory Pathway for In Silico Testing of Medical Devices

With the introduction of regulatory pathways for in silico testing of medical devices, we can expect to see simulation as an increasing trend in the regulatory side of the healthcare industry.

Featured Webinars

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Healthcare Webinar Series

This healthcare industry webcast series shares the knowledge and experience of Ansys experts and our partners to guide you in the strategic adoption of engineering simulation.

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