Our reliability engineering services can help you to:

  • Identify potential product failures and the root-cause of failures occurring in the field
  • Create robust testing plans to avoid these failures in the future
  • Evaluate component suppliers
  • Measure material properties and geometries to ensure accurate simulation
  • Validate simulation and modeling results in a physical laboratory environment
  • Resolve time-sensitive reliability challenges

These reliability services can accelerate product design, save time and costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Explore our services below.

Design Review

Design reviews are a critical step in building an effective product. We specialize in a reliability physics-based approach to design review, providing the feedback you need to develop reliable products on time and within budget.


Simulation and Modeling

We use a combination of robust software and on-site physical testing to offer industry-leading, turnkey simulation and modeling services. With our physical testing laboratory services, we validate and tune simulations to ensure models are producing reliable results. Our team can also provide guidance regarding what to model, how to model it and what the results mean.


Accelerated Life Testing

Our reliability team designs, conducts and interprets the results of product-specific reliability tests that focus on failure mechanisms and use cases. Unlike standards-based test labs, our team doesn’t only perform the testing; we also help customers interpret the results and identify any necessary product improvements to meet reliability and durability targets.


Failure Analysis

With unrivaled expertise in the physics of failure mechanisms, our team focuses on identifying and eliminating the root causes of electronic product failures. Supported by a 20,000-square-foot lab and test facility, our experts seek to understand how a failure occurred and develop practical mitigation strategies to prevent it from recurring.


Integrated Circuit Reliability

If you use integrated circuits in severe environments, we can help you reduce failure risk and predict and validate IC reliability. With a foundation in reliability and semiconductor physics, our team uses simulation, test and teardown analysis to define failure risk in applications and identify the key drivers of IC reliability. Our lab is equipped with the tools to perform functional, electrical and physical examinations of IC failures in products that are in pilot or full production stages.


Battery Reliability

With extensive experience in battery design, manufacturing, chemistry and physics, we can help you meet application-specific reliability, durability and safety targets for batteries. Through design review, destructive evaluation and testing, our team can provide you with the information you need to safely integrate batteries into your products.


Education and Training

We offer training in the science and application of reliability physics, tailored to your needs. The ANSYS Reliability Engineering Services team is committed to educating manufacturers and users of electronic components on how to apply reliability physics principles to improve production yields, reduce warranty costs and improve product reliability, durability and safety.