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Ansys SCADE Suite
Model-Based Development Environment for Critical Embedded Software

Ansys SCADE Suite is a model-based development environment for reliable embedded software, which provides linkage to requirements management, model-based design, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation capabilities and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.


Reliable Embedded Control Software Is Created in Ansys SCADE Suite

Modern automobiles, aircraft, and other complex industrial products are composed of multiple electronic components, perfectly integrated to provide critical functionality. Underlying these advanced systems are millions of lines of embedded software code that ensure their flawless operation under every operating scenario.

Ansys SCADE Suite saves verification effort and improves productivity without compromising safety and reliability in critical applications.

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    Tailored for Critical Applications
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    Verification and Validation
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    Advanced Model-Based Software Design
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    Automatic Code Generation

Quick Specs

Ansys SCADE Suite drastically reduces safety certification costs by simplifying critical control application design and automating verification, qualifiable/certified code generation, and documentation generation.

Ansys SCADE Suite integrates seamlessly in the user flow, thanks to its support of interoperability standards, and its Python-based customization capabilities.

  • Up to 50% Cost Reduction
  • Certified Code Generation
  • Python-based API
  • VRX, TwinBuilder Integration
  • End-to-end Traceability
  • Seamless Target Integration
  • FMU-FMI, AUTOSAR Support
  • Simulink import, S-Function Export
  • Reduced Manual Testing
  • Guaranteed Model Completeness
  • Seamless User Flow Integration
  • MISRA Compliance

Subaru Takes Control of ECUs with Ansys SCADE

Automotive leader automates 95% of development processes to achieve unrivaled accuracy, speed and cost savings.


"While SCADE solutions save valuable time, they also support Subaru’s long-standing commitment to delivering high levels of product quality and passenger safety."

- Yuji Kawakami, Senior Engineer, Subaru

In the race to launch new hybrid and electric vehicle models, Ansys SCADE has emerged as a valuable strategic tool for Subaru over the past decade, supporting the automaker’s commitment to uncompromising safety and quality. The time saved during the end-to-end development of the ECU — without sacrificing the accuracy of its control software — has been crucial to Subaru’s ability to introduce innovative new technologies.

The process of generating software code for the ECU begins by defining the control logic for bringing all the parts of the car's electronics architecture together. This set of logic-based rules ensures that all the car's electronics are integrated safely and securely. It manages the system interactions, sends alerts when needed and can also shut down systems in an emergency. It controls vehicle dynamics, engine function, the vehicle's energy consumption and the load management of the electric battery.


Ensuring outstanding product safety, reliability, quality and compliance

Ansys SCADE Suite, a model-based development environment for critical embedded software, lets users design and validate critical embedded software with minimum project certification costs. Its formally-defined Scade language makes notation intuitive and unambiguous 


Key Features

Ansys SCADE Suite is a complete model-based solution for designing, analyzing, simulating and verifying reliable embedded software for critical applications.

  • Advanced Model-Based Design
  • Synchronization with Software Architecture Design
  • Model Analyses
  • Debugging and Simulation
  • Automatic Code Generation
  • SCADE Tools integration
  • Systems Simulation Capabilities
  • Dedicated Solutions for Embedded Automotive Software


With Ansys SCADE Suite, you will use an intuitive graphical notation with support for unlimited nesting of data flows and hierarchical state machines. Use the rule checker to make sure that your code complies with applicable standards. A Python-based framework enables you to create your own rules and metrics for a completely tailored solution to every project.

VIDEO: How does Ansys SCADE Suite work?

This integration enables parallel evolution of architecture and design with synchronization available upon request and at project milestones. Bi-directional synchronization between architecture and design models reduces or eliminates duplication of efforts in synchronizing interfaces for maximum efficiency. Synchronization between Ansys SCADE Suite and Ansys SCADE Architect supports architecture design down to code production flow in contexts like IMA, FACE and AUTOSAR.

VIDEO: Integrated Workflow for Software-intensive Embedded Systems


Ansys SCADE Suite’s code generator fulfills the specifications provided in the model without the need for code verification. As a result, it is crucial to verify that the model’s behavior is correct. Our software comes equipped with multiple model-level analyses to verify model correctness and ensure a short development time. You’ll be able to perform static analysis of the model. Static analysis of the model (i.e., checks that the model is consistent, data flows are properly typed, initializations are properly done) are achieved by the front-end of the code generator and is therefore qualified at the highest levels for the various software safety standards. With the Rule Checker, you can customize and add specific checks using a Python-based framework that supports a justification mechanism for required or advisory rules.

Ansys SCADE Suite Design Verifier is a verification assistant that formally expresses and assesses safety requirements, providing a productive way to find bugs early in the development process. It is powered by Prover® Technology and supported by a multicore-enabled formal proof engine with floating point computation support.

Ansys SCADE Suite allows you to define a software design with graphical and textual blocks. Once defined, you can simulate a software design or any of its individual blocks using the simulation capabilities based on automatically generated code. Simulation and debugging capabilities include executable designs, detailed simulation of actual generated code, scenario recording and playback, early detection of specification errors, automatic non-regression tests, and more. 

Ansys SCADE Suite KCG is a C and Ada code generator from Scade models that has been qualified as a development tool for DO-178B software up to Level A and DO-178C/DO-330 at TQL-1; certified for IEC 61508 at SIL 3 and for EN 50128 at SIL 3/4; and qualified for ISO 26262 software up to ASIL D, meaning that KCG development process complies with these software safety standards. Ansys SCADE Suite enables multicore code generation using the Multicore Code Generator. Specific instances of operators are identified in the model to become parallelizable tasks. The specification of these tasks is independent from the model, allowing for various configurations.

VIDEO: How does Ansys SCADE Suite deal with Automatic Code Generation?

Ansys SCADE Suite easily integrates with tools for systems architecture design, HMI development and testing and application life cycle management, providing a complete environment for all embedded software development activities

The Ansys SCADE Suite’s Advanced Modeler includes Twin Builder , a powerful platform for modeling, simulating and analyzing virtual system prototypes. It enables product development teams to verify and optimize performance of their software-controlled, multidomain systems designs.

Ansys SCADE Suite extends and simplifies system design capabilities for the automotive market. It supports a development flow starting from AUTOSAR Software Component (SWC) to AUTOSAR RTE-compliant code generation for the Runnables: you can start a development flow based on the AUTOSAR standard to create AUTOSAR RTE-compliant code generated by the Ansys SCADE Suite’s KCG code generator. The solution also enables you to import and export AUTOSAR ARXML interexchange format, allows multi-synchronization between system engineers and generates compliant code.


Case Studies


Ansys + Volkswagen

Ansys and Volkswagen are working together to further improve the capabilities of the SCADE framework towards continuous integration and testing.


Ansys + Mecalac

Establishing industrial safety guidelines for the production and operation of heavy construction equipment is key in the prevention of human mishaps, including accidents, as well as damage to machines and materials during Mecalac’s day-to-day operations. Mecalac used SCADE to support a more efficient software development process that increased code quality and ISO safety compliance, resulting in significant time savings while increasing overall operational efficiency.



Ansys + Rail-Mil

Behind every complex component of an electrified system is a need for a smart and safe software controller that manages the performance and safety of the system over the lifetime of the component and the system.


Casco Signaling Company and Ansys

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Technical Papers & Datasheets


Ansys SCADE Suite® Technical Datasheet

SCADE Suite is part of the Ansys® Embedded Software product line, which empowers users with a ModelBased Development Environment for critical embedded software.


Methodology Handbook

Efficient Development of Safe Avionics Software with DO-178C Objectives Using SCADE Suite®

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Technical Brief

Efficient Development of Safe Railway Application Software with EN 50128/EN 50657 Requirements using SCADE

This methodology handbook provides detailed explanations on how to fully satisfy requirements of EN 50128:2011 (Software for communication, signaling and processing systems) and EN 50657:2017 (Software for rolling stock applications) with a SCADE model-based development approach to achieve safe and reliable software, while promoting an efficient model-based development and verification strategy.

White Papers

White Paper

Charged Up: A Holistic Approach to Developing Large-Scale Battery Management Systems

This white paper describes the use of Ansys solutions for battery management, including physics-based simulation solutions to develop a system-level view of the battery using Ansys Twin Builder, Ansys medini analyze for safety analysis and Ansys SCADE for embedded software development.


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Harnessing Multicores for Faster Validation and Compliance

Ansys and Elektrobit have created a tightly controlled, automated process for generating and verifying AUTOSAR-compliant embedded software code via powerful multicore environments. 

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4 Ways to Increase Safety and Security of Battery Management Systems Using Simulation

Let’s take a look at four ways you can use simulation to design a BMS that meets the major challenges of efficiency, safety, and reliability.

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All Systems Go with Model-Based Design for Embedded Software

Ansys SCADE Suite, a model-based development environment for reliable embedded software, provides an end-to-end solution via an all-in-one platform.

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The Free Download of Ansys SCADE Student Is Available

Learn about Ansys SCADE Student and how to obtain this software.

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Engineers Demonstrate How to Validate Lane Departure Warning Systems

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), like lane departure warning systems (or lane assist systems), have become a selling point for the automotive industry. These tools can save the lives of drivers who stray from their lanes due to emergencies, sharp turns or long drives with little rest.

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