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Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems
Develop ARINC 661 Compliant Avionics Displays

Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems empowers you to prototype and design ARINC 661 compliant systems, embedded Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) and User Applications (UA).

Develop ARINC 661 Compliant Avionics Displays with Ansys SCADE Solutions

Modular, model-based, certifiable and configurable, Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems decrease overall avionics software development and modifications costs. Ansys also decreases the time-to-certification and is an important step in enabling more modular certification of ARINC 661 compliant aircraft components.

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    Decreased Time to Certification
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    Modular, Model-Based, Configurable Development
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    Increased Productivity and Decreased Cost
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    Compliance with ARINC 661 and FACE

Quick Specs

Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 is a fully integrated solution for the specification, development and certification of avionics displays following the ARINC 661 standard

  • Customizable Widgets Library
  • Advanced Modeler
  • SCADE Tools Integration
  • Dedicated ARINC 661 Server Creator UI
  • UA DF Generator
  • Automatic code Generation
  • FACE Technical Standard Conformance

Physical Optics Corporation and Ansys Streamline Avionics Development for U.S. Military Aircraft

Groundbreaking model-based solution slashes avionics software development time by over 50%.


“SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 is instrumental for driving interoperability and reusability — enabling our team to easily update new functionality for military aircraft as it becomes available."

- Omar Facory, Vice President of Mission Systems at POC

As avionics software becomes increasingly sophisticated, complying with complex requirements, satisfying safety-critical standards and reducing costs present major development challenges. Efficient model-based software development with qualified code generation offers a more streamlined approach to decrease software cost and development while effectively managing highly complex designs.


Develop ARINC 661 compliant systems in record time with Ansys SCADE Solutions

Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 compliant systems fully adhere to the ARINC 661 standard, including the ARINC 661 Server, the User Applications (UA), standard binary and XML Definition Files (DF), and the communication code between Ansys SCADE UA models and any ARINC 661 Server. This ultimately saves time and reduces effort and cost when developing cockpit display systems.


Key Features

Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems provides a comprehensive set of automated features for CDS and UA developers to maximize productivity

  • Customizable widget library
  • ARINC 661 Widget Prototyping and Design
  • Automatic ARINC 661 Server Generation 
  • ARINC 661 UA Definition File (DF) Prototyping and Design
  • DO-178C Qualifiable ARINC 661 UA DF Generation
  • ARINC 661 UA Communication Code Generation
  • Test automation framework


The SCADE Widgets library allows you to accelerate the development of an ARINC 661-compliant widgets library with a complete set of customizable models for all 77 ARINC 661 standard widgets and extensions of Supplement 7. The library also includes Project Documentation data and associated Software Requirements Specification for each model in the collection. SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 also provides native support for multitouch pilot interaction as well as models for description of the widgets’ behavioral logic and graphical and interactive parts.

The SCADE Server Creator User Interface allows aircraft manufacturers and CDS developers to automate the creation of a widget library from prototyping—all the way through implementation to customization and simulation as models for SCADE Suite and SCADE Display. Create and manage configuration files that define the widgets list, as well as interfaces and dependencies. You can even prototype and design new widgets for your project. Once the new widgets are defined, use the models for debugging and simulation of your ARINC 661 server.

SCADE Test Model Coverage, combined with SCADE Test Environment for Host, allows you to measure the model coverage of test cases created and executed on host. Even better, model and code coverage are merged into a single activity, cutting the required time and effort in half. Model-level coverage measures branch coverage, decision coverage and modified condition/decision coverage within a qualified development tool, according to DO-178C/DO-330 TQL-4, ISO 26262 TCL3, EN 50128 T2 and IEC 61508 T2.

The SCADE UA Page Creator for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems enables UA designers to prototype and design ARINC 661 UA DF pages as models on a host workstation. You can instantiate widgets and model all DF parameter types with real-time "What You See Is What You Get" feedback for all standard and custom widgets. The UA Page Creator uses the same front-end as SCADE Display with its advanced editing capabilities. Get started quickly with a built-in library of default widgets and a unified project structure across all SCADE projects for easy management of project resources.

With the UA DF Generator, you can automatically generate binary ARINC 661 UA DFs using your SCADE UA Page creator models and export to standard XML DF. The Generator supports GBK/UTF-8-character sets along with Symbols and Pictures Graphical Definition. It also provides full support of ARINC 661 Supplement 7, including new widgets and extensions. UA DF Generator Certification Kits provide everything required by DO-178B and DO-178C certification authorities, ensuring that you can certify your design.

The UA Adaptor for ARINC 661 Compliant systems makes it possible to generate C communication code for the SCADE Suite UA based on the connection data between a SCADE Suite UA model and a SCADE UA Page Creator model or binary DF. The code corresponds to “set parameters” and “get events” and conforms to the ARINC 661 standard. The UA Adaptor module includes a dedicated UI for editing of mapping data between UA and DF at the model level and provides full support for ARINC 661 Supplement 7, including new widgets and extensions.

It provides comprehensive services allowing the formal testing of ARINC 661 widgets, considered as black box software components that are part of an ARINC 661 compliant CDS Server. 




Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems

SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems is a simulation toolset that empowers engineers to prototype and design ARINC 661 compliant systems, embedded Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) and User Applications (UA).

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