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Ansys RaptorQu
High-capacity electromagnetic simulation for quantum computing applications

Ansys RaptorQu addresses the massive inductance extraction requirements in superconductive silicon designs of Quantum Processors. It is a high-capacity and high-speed electromagnetic solver of superconductive silicon that is cooled down to a few mK.


Modelling Electromagnetic Coupling in Quantum Processing Units

Ansys RaptorQu is a unique electromagnetic solver for superconductive silicon designs that enables the design of tens to hundreds of physical superconducting qubits.

  • Models vast amount of small partial inductances
    Models vast amount of small partial inductances
  • Models layouts from um up to mm scale
    Models layouts from um up to mm scale
  • Delivers superb accuracy
    Delivers superb accuracy
  • Models electromagnetic coupling
    Models electromagnetic coupling
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Quick Specs

Ansys RaptorQu delivers high-capacity electromagnetic analysis for superconductors operating close to 0K. It offers high level of integration with established semiconductor design flows and foundry processes and enables the design of hundreds of physical superconducting qubits.

  • Highest Accuracy
  • Unprecedented Capacity
  • Includes Substrate Coupling
  • Optimized for Superconductive Silicon
  • User-friendly Workflow
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With quantum computing promising to outperform today’s supercomputers, Ansys RaptorQu provides the competitive edge for the next wave of innovations in biotechnology, defense, materials science, medicine, physics, and other areas.

Inductance is vital to quantum computing design – extremely high accuracy is required starting from tiny areas (um) of a layout up to mm scale. Ansys RaptorQu models electromagnetic coupling/crosstalk, one of the prevailing decoherence mechanisms, and must be modeled accurately. It also delivers the capacity that is required to analyze extensive designs. Superconducting qubits have made the most progress in developing the first quantum computer to run commercial applications. Ansys RaptorQu is key in solving the constantly increasing complexity of current and future problems.

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