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Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT
Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator

Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT simulates classical and quantum photonic integrated circuits while enabling the co-design and co-simulation of photonic and electronic circuits on multiple EDA platforms.

Scalable Photonic IC Design

Unlock the Next-Gen of Photonic Integrated Circuits Potential

Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT offers a comprehensive design environment for classical and quantum photonic integrated circuits (PICs). It features the industry’s first and most advanced electronic-photonic codesign, co-simulation capabilities, and essential design workflows like SDL, LVS, and DRC, compatible with multiple EDA platforms. Designers can leverage Lumerical’s PDK-driven platform to efficiently create manufacturable and customizable photonic designs accounting for associated electronics, packaging, and links. 

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    Foundry Compatible & Customized Design
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    Hierarchical System Design
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    Cross-team Collaboration Enablement
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    Electronic-Photonic Design Automation

Quick Specs

Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT works seamlessly with Ansys Lumerical CML Compiler, Ansys Multiphysics solvers, and third-party EDA and Layout tool vendors to enable fast, accurate, scalable photonic IC development.

  • Automation API (Lumerical scripting language, Python and MATLAB)
  • Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Time Domain Analysis
  • Multimode, Multichannel, & Bidirectional, Mixed Signal Support
  • Advanced Optimizations
  • Parameter Sweeps
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Library of Photonic Compact Models
  • Dedicated Quantum Photonic Circuit Simulator
  • Travelling Wave Laser Model
  • EDA Interoperability
  • Multiphysics Workflows for Packaging and Thermal Management

JULY 2024

What's New

The Ansys Lumerical 2024 R2 brings powerful updates and features across its photonics core technologies, ecosystem, cloud and HPC, workflows, and user experience.

2024 R2 Lumerical

Improved flow between GDSFactory and Lumerical INTERCONNECT, facilitating seamless schematic-driven layout (SDL) workflows.

  • Design PIC schematic and run simulation in Lumerical INTERCONNECT platform
  • Export SPICE netlist to GDSFactory tool for automatic layout placement and routing

Scalable Photonic IC Design powered by Lumerical INTERCONNECT

Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT offers a comprehensive design environment for classical and quantum photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

Experience industry’s most advanced and extendible platform for co-design and co-simulation of electronic integrated circuits and PICs.

Ansys Interconnect LP


Key Features

Design and optimize a wide range of photonic integrated circuits using INTERCONNECT’s extensive library of models, ready to use foundry calibrated models, or customized compact models. 

  • PIC Simulation, Design, and Optimization
  • Multiplatform EDA Enablement
  • PDK Driven Design

With its hierarchical schematic editor, use INTERCONNECT to design and simulate photonic integrated circuits. INTERCONNECT includes frequency domain analysis, transient sample mode simulation, and transient block mode simulation. It includes sophisticated visualization and data analysis tools with support for parameter sweeps and design optimization.

Simulate and optimize your designs with familiar EDA design tools and workflows to accelerate design time and improve reliability. 

Perform corner analysis to model the effects of process variation on circuit performance. Execute Monte Carlo analysis to assess circuit performance and yield by accounting for process variations

INTERCONNECT contains an extensive standard library of passive and active optoelectronic building blocks, along with supplementary elements that enable simulations and analyze results. It includes two library extensions:

  • An element library extension for laser modelling
  • An element library extension for advanced system modelling including sophisticated fiber, amplifier, FEC encoding and equalization models

INTERCONNECT, along with Ansys Lumerical's device level tools, provides an infrastructure that supports the development and distribution of compact model libraries (CMLs) for PIC simulation and design. Typically, a CML is built upon a combination of experimentally measured data and accurate component-level simulation results using Lumerical’s device-level photonics tools.

Easy workflows in qINTERCONNECT enable non-quantum theorists to evaluate the fidelity and probability of success in the presence of fabrication imperfections, loss, and partially distinguishable photons.

Design everything from SOAs and DFB lasers to complex external cavity DBR or sampled grating Vernier lasers in hybrid or integrated photonic designs.

Circuit Board

Comprehensive Multiplatform Solution for Photonics System Design

This white paper explores challenges and solutions in photonic system-level design, focusing on advanced foundry-compatible photonic compact model libraries for multiple platforms and workflows.


Enabling Electronic-Photonic Co-Design on GlobalFoundries Fotonix™ Platform

This white paper demonstrates how designers can leverage workflows between Ansys Lumerical, Cadence, and GlobalFoundries (GF) Fotonix™ process design kit (PDK), benefiting from the accuracy of hardware-correlated, process-enabled component design and electronic-photonic compact model integration while maintaining an accurate representation for both electrical and optical signals simultaneously.


Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator as a Laser Design Platform: Accurate Time Domain Modeling

This white paper explores key simulation technologies that enhance the Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT photonic integrated circuit simulator's capability to model edge-emitting lasers in the time domain. These enhancements encompass the incorporation of arbitrary gain spectrum profiles and self-heating effects.


Create a Laser Compact Model for a Photonic Process Design Kit

This paper discusses the importance of accurate laser compact models in photonic process design kits, describes different laser models available in Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT, and explains optimal steps to create a laser compact model that includes temperature and noise effects.

Application Gallery

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photonic integrated circuit diagram

Photonic integrated circuits – Actives

  • Modulators
  • Photodetectors
  •  Lasers

Ansys Interconnect LP

Photonic integrated circuits – Circuits

  • Quantum Photonic Circuits
  • WDM, QPSK, PAM4 Transceivers
  • LiDARs & Sensors


Photonic integrated circuits – Passives

  • Ring Resonators and more
  • Optical Switches
  • Optical filters

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