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Granta Materials Data for Simulation
Boost Your Simulation Accuracy

Granta Materials Data for Simulation (MDS) offers instant access to a material database of simulation-ready materials models. Save time and eliminate input errors.  


Accurate Materials Data. For Accurate Simulation

Curated for users by our material data analysts, Granta MDS provides you with the data you need in the format you need it in. Focused specifically on simulation, get access to a database of over 2,600 simulation-ready Generic and Producer Grade Materials. Directly embedded within your Ansys Flagship Simulation Solvers: Ansys Mechanical®, Ansys Electronics Desktop®, Ansys Fluent®, Ansys Discovery®.

  • Trusted Data
    Trusted Data
  • Easy Access
    Easy Access
  • Simulation-ready material models
    Simulation-ready material models

Quick Specs

With Granta MDS, get instant access to the materials data you need. Embedded into your Ansys user interface, it allows you to apply it easily across simulations.


  • 2,600+ Materials Datasets
  • Structural, Thermal, Electromagnetic Properties
  • 20+ Materials Properties
  • Generic Data
  • 11 Different Material Classes
  • Producers Data

Begin your simulation with the right materials information.

Take Your Simulation Models to the Next Level with Granta MDS



“Granta Materials Data for Simulation puts validated materials input data right at users’ fingertips within their Ansys simulation tools” – Carrie Mowatt, Ansys Granta Product Management 

Simulation can do incredible things in the world of product development. Simulation models refine and validate products in the development stage, ensuring they are optimized across manufacturability, durability, sustainability and more.

Accurate simulations require accurate and reliable materials property data. Finding the right materials data can be time-consuming and costly. With a broad coverage of material types and property data, Granta MDS allows users to take simulation to the next level with instant access to consistent, validated and ready-to-use data.

Curated for engineers by our team of material data analysts, Granta MDS provides you access to richer data and tools, allowing for stronger simulations.

Release Date: 2021 R1

What's New

In 2021 MDS will extend its capability in all Ansys flagship Simulation tools. With over 1,400 new curves added and 1,200 new permanent magnet grades.  

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For Mechanical & Discovery

In 2021 Release 1 our MDS offering for Mechanical & Discovery will included extended fatigue data to multiple R-ratios, and over 100 new electrical resistivity vs temperature curves. There has also been an update of stress-strain data with 20 new isotropic hardening curves.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections

For Electronics Desktop

For Maxwell, HFSS and IcePak MDS will now offer over 1,200 new permanent magnet grades. 


For Fluent

MDS will extend the number of temperature-dependent properties to 1,288 curves for the 2021 R1 release. 


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Access reliable and simulation-ready materials data for your simulation needs

Granta MDS provides you access to valuable materials data, broad coverage of materials classes and more. With this material database, engineers are enabled to create stronger simulations with trusted data that is accurate and ready-to-use. For easy access, MDS is embedded directly into your Ansys interface.


Key Features

With up to 2,600 Generic and Producer materials datasheets available, Granta MDS takes simulation to the next level.

  • Trusted data
  • Simulation-ready material models
  • Easy access

Ensure accurate simulations with materials data that is reliable and consistent, curated by Ansys Granta’s team of leading materials information experts. This data comes from sources like our unique MaterialsUniverse™ database and the JAHM simulation data set. For more details on our available Generic and Producer Materials data for your Simulation Product see our Application Brief.

Save time on data input with simulation-ready materials data. MDS provides broad coverage of materials types and key property data that is useful for structural, thermal, and electromagnetic analysis, amongst others.  

Allowing you quick and easy access to our materials data library, MDS is embedded directly within our flagship Ansys Simulation tools. This allows for consistent materials data across the Multiphysics spectrum. 

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Granta MDS Product Pairings

Work Smarter with Product Bundles

Granta MDS Pairings with Ansys’ simulation products.

Ansys Mechanical

Structural mechanics properties are available in all the analysis and component systems accessed through Ansys Mechanical.


Ansys Electronics Desktop

Material properties for analyzing electromagnetic (EM), thermal and circuit designs are available in all the gold-standard tools accessed through Electronics Desktop, such as Ansys HFSS, Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Icepak and, Ansys SIwave.

Electronics desktop users also get 1,000+ records for producer-specific materials, including magnets and PCB materials.


Ansys Fluent

Complementing an already extensive library of fluids, Materials Data for Simulation adds solid material properties for the broad, physical modeling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer and reactions for industrial applications.


Ansys Discovery

In addition to our flagship products, the same general library of materials property data is available to designers within Ansys Discovery. Access to consistent materials and properties across Ansys products accelerates productivity by giving teams a shared library for collaboration and handovers. 


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Materials Data for Simulation

Easily access materials input data for simulation, with broad coverage of materials classes, from within Ansys tools.

Briefing Document

GRANTA Materials Data for Simulation

Finding the right materials property data for simulation can be time-consuming and costly. 

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