ANSYS GRANTA MI Pro provides fast, direct access to company material data and reference data from ANSYS Granta. Easy to implement, GRANTA MI Pro is designed to meet the focused needs of design and simulation teams.

With GRANTA MI Pro, these teams use a subset of the material information management capabilities of ANSYS GRANTA MI to:

  • Build and maintain approved lists of preferred materials
  • Store important property data for these materials alongside reference data from the ANSYS Granta library
  • Provide access to this data for all of their designers or analysts within ANSYS Workbench or NX™ software


  • Empowers smaller organizations or focused teams in large enterprises
  • Allows secure and efficient sharing of vital material data
  • Ensures accurate design and simulation
  • Increases productivity when searching for and using data
  • Ensures consistency across CAD and CAE, reducing risk

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