Embedded Software

Embedded software is increasingly being used in smart devices, but imperfect code can be the cause of many product failures. Industry leaders estimate that every 1,000 lines of embedded software contain eight bugs. To manage this quality risk and meet higher standards for software certification, you need to leverage embedded software development and verification tools, as well as certified code generators.

Ansys provides a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in automatic code generator to accelerate embedded software development projects. System and software engineers use Ansys SCADE solutions to graphically design, verify and automatically generate critical embedded systems and software applications with high dependability requirements. SCADE solutions are highly interoperable and can be easily integrated into existing development flows, optimizing development and increasing communication among team members.

Certified code generation across industries

SCADE code generators and verification tools have been qualified/certified at the highest level of safety across six market segments by more than 10 safety authorities worldwide, including:

  • DO-178C up to Level A for aerospace and defense applications by FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, CAAC and ANAC
  • ISO 26262 up to ASIL D for automotive applications by TÜV SÜD
  • IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 for transportation and industrial applications by TÜV SÜD
  • EN 50128 up to SIL 3/4 for rail transportation applications by TÜV SÜD, EBA and Certifer
  • IEC 60880 demonstrated compliance for nuclear applications by many nuclear safety authorities

SCADE speeds the embedded software development and verification process

SCADE users report the following development and verification cost improvements:

  • Alignment of the design process according to safety standard objectives
  • Reduction of development costs by 50%, on average
  • Acceleration of time to certification by a factor of two

Ansys SCADE: Accelerating the Development of Automated Driving Technologies

Ansys SCADE software solutions support an efficient, model-based process for designing and verifying software at the very earliest stages of automated driving development.

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Flagship Products

  • SCADE Suite Embedded Software Icon

    SCADE Suite is a Model-Based Development Environment for critical embedded software, which provides requirements management, model-based design, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation, and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.

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  • SCADE Display Embedded Software Icon

    SCADE Display facilitates embedded graphics, display and HMI development, and certified code generation for safety-critical displays.

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  • SCADE Vision Embedded Software Icon

    SCADE Vision automates the identification of potential vulnerabilities in autonomous vehicle perception systems. It is intended for safety analysts, neural network developers and designers of machine learning-based perception systems.

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Featured Products

  • SCADE Architect

    For functional and architectural system modeling

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  • SCADE Test

    Test, verify and validate embedded software

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  • SCADE LifeCycle

    Systems and software lifecycle management

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  • SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661

    Develop ARINC 661 compliant avionics displays

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