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Antenna Design & Modeling Software

Understanding the factors affecting antenna performance when installed on real-world platforms is crucial to a sustainable design process.

Smarter Antenna Design and  Placement Simulation

Antennas are virtually everywhere. From commercial applications such as smartphones, RFID tags, and wireless printers, to defense applications such as phased array antennas for aircraft radar systems or autonomous vehicles, to integrated ground-based communication systems. 

Electromagnetic simulation of antenna design and its interaction with the entire system allows designers to evaluate “what if” real life scenarios.

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    Component Design
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    EMI/Co-Site Interference
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    Antenna Placement and Co-site
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    Lightning Strike Simulation

Antenna Simulation Technologies in HFSS

HFSS offers the full suite of simulation tools and technologies for antenna design and placement simulation

Ansys HFSS for Antenna Simulation – Application Brief

Finite Element Method 

HFSS FEM solver and HFSS Optimetrics helps specify antenna placement within smartphones to meet SAR compliance.


Using SBR+ and PO solver, analyze the radiation patterns of the antennas on their platform including the reflection effects of nearby objects.

Integral Equations

IE employs the 3D Method of Moments (MoM) technique for efficiently solving open radiation and scattering problems.

FEM Transient

The FEM transient solver incorporates HFSS adaptive meshing and analyzes transient applications such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), electrostatic discharge, time domain reflectometry (TDR), and identifying radar cross section (RCS) scattering centers.

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Better, Faster Communication Design with Antenna Simulation

From increasingly powerful consumer mobile devices to the most advanced design challenges driving manufacturing and critical applications, the future of technology asks more from antennas than ever before. No matter the sector, simulation is the solution to execute high-performance antenna and platform designs with minimal wasted effort and money. 

5g antennas


Antenna beamforming and beam steering in 5G are key to improve the capacity and data rates. Massive MIMO requires phased array antennas to optimize the link and ensure targeted coverage.

Autonomy car


Ansys tools are ideal for designing and simulating antennas, antenna-to-antenna coupling and environmental effects on signal propagation. HFSS SBR+, a powerful, large scale electromagnetic field solver, can simulate automotive radar range-doppler returns of complex driving scenarios. 

IoT video


With our advanced technologies for 3-D simulation, customers can assemble different IoT components into complete virtual prototypes of software-controlled, multi-domain systems. 

Simulation Solutions

Physics-based Antenna Simulation.

The complexities of antenna design and installation make it very expensive to conduct multiple rounds of real-world tests. Ansys’ physics-based simulation makes it easy to understand and predict antenna performance during the design phase, speeding you through challenges in:

  • Component design
  • Antenna placement
  • Antenna array
  • Co-site interference
  • Lightning strike
  • Rotor blade modulation
  • Large scale platform interaction
antenna solution

Featured Resources



Evaluating Weather Impact on Sensor Performance by Combining Ansys Solutions

CFD simulations of vehicles in rainy conditions were performed using Ansys Fluent. Rain drop data was exported to Ansys SPEOS for camera and lidar simulations. SPEOS results were analyzed with an open-source perception algorithm software to determine bounding boxes and confidence levels in identifying various objects on the road.


Real-time Optical Simulation for Reliable and Innovative Automotive Lighting Designs

From lighting to sensors to vision, optical components are playing a crucial role in vehicle safety and comfort. Validated against CIE 171:2006, Ansys SPEOS is used by automotive engineers to design, validate and optimize their optical components. Attend this webinar to learn how SPEOS predicts the illumination and optical performance of systems, for both interior and exterior lighting, to help engineers reduce development time and costs while improving their product’s accuracy.


Automotive Exterior Lighting Industry Best Practices

This webinar will cover automotive exterior lighting industry best practices, where an overview of the key benefits of Ansys SPEOS and Ansys VRXPERIENCE simulations and the capabilities required to realize these benefits will be shared. Through examples, we will showcase how Ansys portfolio solutions are helping our customers design transformational products.




ANSYS HFSS SBR+ is an asymptotic high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) simulator for modeling EM interaction in electrically large environments.


Ansys HFSS for Antenna Simulation

This paper describes antenna design and simulation with Ansys HFSS, the industry leading 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool for high frequency and high speed electronic components.


David and Goliath: Rescale, ANSYS, and AWS Enable RF Antenna Design Startup Optisys to Disrupt Market

By using Ansys software, Optisys significantly increased its simulation capability and technical agility, allowing them to compete with much larger organizations.


Ansys + Polytenna Technologies Inc.

Revolutionizing the Antenna Industry with Polymers and X-rays. 


White Paper

Electromagnetic Simulation of Antennas Installed Inside Automobiles

The increasing use of electronics and wireless technologies in today’s automobile has increased the challenge of meeting electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance standards


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