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Wind Turbine Design

Comprehensive wind turbine simulation, from embedded software to siting, predictive maintenance and digital twins.


Wind Turbine Design, Location and Operational Optimization

The global energy mix continues to rebalance, demanding more efficient, larger wind turbines that can operate in harsher environments—both onshore and offshore. Ansys provides a comprehensive multiphysics, multiscale simulation solution for wind turbine engineering development, manufacturing and in-service operations. Explore Ansys solutions for wind turbines:

  •  Design and Development
    Design and Development
  • Operation and Maintenance
    Operation and Maintenance
  • Siting
Wind Turbine Design, Location and Operational Optimization

Comprehensive Wind Turbine Simulation Solutions

Design and Development

In an integrated environment, Ansys multiphysics simulations enable wind turbine engineers to address rotor aerodynamics and acoustics; blade, nacelle and tower structural design; power generation and transformation systems; and the embedded software and control systems.

Operation and Maintenance

Through virtual sensors, the use of 3D reduced order models and what-if scenario simulations, a digital twin of a wind turbine can be generated to optimize performance and maintenance requirements and scheduling.


With an automated workflow for 3D computational fluid dynamic wind farm simulation, Ansys solutions enable engineers to determine overall energy levels, optimize turbine layout and assess farm behavior under specific wind conditions.

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Creative Design for the Next Wave of Energy Solutions

As engineers devise new ways to capture renewable energy from the wind – from traditional large scale wind turbines to innovative turbines on high-rise buildings and artificial trees with energy generating mechanical leaves - Ansys’ comprehensive modeling and simulation solutions enable engineers to ensure their designs deliver maximum performance and efficiency.

Simulation of Wind Turbine Sites Increases Power Yield and Reduces Risk

Simulation of Wind Turbine Sites Increases Power Yield and Reduces Risk

Wind energy is a rapidly growing source of electricity. When developing wind farms, turbine siting assessment is critical to maximizing the energy yield and economics at a given location.

Turning a New Leaf ansys

Turning a New Leaf with Alternative Energy Sources for Urban Environments

By designing a tree-like wind power generator, New Wind has created an aesthetically pleasing alternative energy source for urban environments.

Ansys Sustainable Design

High-Rise Wind Turbines Push Boundaries; Require Intricate Wind Modeling

Placing wind turbines on high-rise structures offers an original perspective on capturing energy but requires modernized dynamic modeling for efficiency.

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