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Digital Mission Engineering

From chip to mission, connect modeling and simulation efforts across all phases of the engineering product life cycle. Model multi-domain operational environments, including land, sea, air and space, with accurate, dynamic, physics-based simulations. Integrate with the Ansys portfolio of multi-physics tools and solvers to achieve unmatched end-to-end modeling and simulation.

Digital Mission Engineering (DME) Solutions

Digital mission engineering products enable engineers, operators, and analysts to connect modeling and simulation efforts across all phases of the engineering product life cycle. Model operational environments and the interrelationships of assets with accurate, dynamic, physics-based simulations to validate system designs with respect to the missions outcome.  Model assets across multiple domains, including land, sea, air, and space.  Analyze system performance, and integrate with the Ansys portfolio of multi-physics tools and solvers to achieve unmatched end-to-end modeling and simulation.

Digital Mission Engineering

The latest release of STK continues to expand and enhance integration across Ansys multiphysics solvers, boosting confidence in early concept system design, improving decision-making, and improving the efficiency of the engineering process.

  • Enhanced Radar Clutter Modeling
  • Integrated EOIR Thermal Model Loading from Aviator
  • Cislunar Support



Navigating Lunar and Cislunar Space with ODTK

Learn how the Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) addresses the expanding need for navigation and positioning services in the lunar and cislunar domains. 


Ansys 2023 R1:STK Aviator What’s New

See how external ephemeris files can create Aviator objects, allowing Aviator to determine the appropriate attitude, aerodynamics, propulsion, and thermal models for external ephemeris trajectories. 


Ansys 2023 R1: Radar Clutter Modeling with STK What’s New

Discover how STK Radar Clutter geometries and scattering models through the Radar plugin interface and analyze the impacts of clutter on a radar’s overall system performance and ability to maintain tracking of target objects.

Cis lunar support

Lunar Constellation Optimization with Ansys STK, ODTK, and ModelCenter

Learn about STK Communication, Navigation in ODTK, and toolchaining in ModelCenter. Understand the trade study and optimization capabilities available within ModelCenter.


Spacecraft Thermal Evaluation

In this webinar, Eli Vidana and Doug Bell show how you can leverage STK to plan your spacecraft's mission profile and understand the impact on the spacecraft's thermal performance in Thermal Desktop. 

STK CIS Lunar Support

Trajectory Modeling and Cislunar Space: 5-part Series

Cislunar missions have the potential to drive scientific progress, technological innovation, and economic growth, making them an important focus for space exploration in the coming years. Trajectory modeling in cislunar space will play an important role in the success of these missions. Avoiding collisions with other objects in space, optimizing fuel consumption, and ensuring that spacecraft arrive at their destinations on time and on course are just a few objectives of trajectory modeling. 

Digital Mission Engineering Products

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Digital Mission Engineering Applications

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Deliver systems faster and accelerate operational decision-making.Digital mission engineering and operations software tools are packed with air-specific capabilities to shorten development cycles, streamline sustainment efforts, and enhance situational awareness. Connect model-based engineering to our mission analysis platform and achieve unrivaled speed.


Model complex, multidomain systems that incorporate your communications systems. Ensure that all your missions will have the communications they need to succeed. Evaluate configurations for your communications systems to optimize them. Arrange your assets where they give you the most while costing you the least.


Go beyond geometry and model radiometric detection to evaluate EOIR sensor performance. Analyze performance and detection over time. Generate images of the detections to visualize the synthetic scene. With DME solutions, you can model radiometric detection and performance and within the context of your entire mission and all your available assets.


Put all your geospatial data to fast, practical use. The expanding demand for geospatial intelligence meets with rapidly expanding data sets. You can synthesize data, model complex systems, and analyze the results with DME solutions.


DME solutions offer you the ability to model the full system of systems in a realistic operational environment to make critical engineering and mission planning decisions. Import standard data models or design your missile models. Evaluate parabolic and hypersonic trajectories in physics-based, high-fidelity simulations. Extend your models from land to space.


Design and model complex radar systems. Model radar systems with exquisite fidelity and apply them to the system of systems and the things you need them to detect. Evaluate it within the context of its mission.


DME solutions streamline processes and help mitigate risks throughout a system’s life cycle. From a single satellite to a large constellation, a simple orbit to a maneuvering trajectory, a primary signal relay to an EOIR sensor – when it comes to space, our software has a long history of helping you plan your future.


Land, sea, air, space, cyber – dominance in one domain is no longer possible without systems that span them all. Simulate multidoman, multi-aspect systems to streamline development, dismantle silos, and accelerate delivery.


Automate routine, repetitive tasks that maintain your catalog of orbiting space objects in a state of readiness. Deveote your time and expertise to solving problems using the data, rahter than solving problems about the data.


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Why it's easier to choose Systems Took Kit (STK)

It’s easier than ever to choose STK Pro, STK Premium for Air or Space, or STK Enterprise.

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