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Ansys Perceive EM 

Ansys Perceive EM simulation software is a real-time, dynamic electromagnetic wave simulation solver API that supports many applications, including large-scale radar and wireless systems, with seamless digital twin integration.

High-Performance Wireless Network & Radar Modeling

Perceive EM is a highly performant, physical optics (PO)-based shooting and bouncing rays (SBR) technology deployed through a lightweight API that seamlessly integrates into any digital twin platform. The fast simulation performance while producing large volumes of coherent response data vs. time/frequency/space is achieved through advanced algorithms with a highly parallelized implementation on Nvidia GPUs. 

This technology allows electromagnetic (EM) simulation of large-scale radar, including automotive radar and RF communications (e.g., 5G/6G) scenarios.

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    Real-time radar and wideband 5G/6G channels
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    GPU scalability
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    Headless, API-driven
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    Synthetic data-on-demand generation for AI/ML

Quick Specs

Radar and wireless communications developers face signal propagation challenges, and while AI offers solutions, it also demands massive amounts of data for training. Ansys Perceive EM offers physics-accurate wireless channel modeling for on-demand synthetic data generation.

  • Material models support
  • Wireless channel and radar simulation
  • Physics-accurate antenna, environment, and platform motion
  • API-accessible solver engine (Python, C++)
  • GPU acceleration and cloud-ready
  • Synthetic data-on-demand for AI/ML
  • Multiple antenna platforms
  • Multi-channel antenna systems
  • Complex scene interactions

Ansys Perceive EM Capabilities

Ansys Perceive EM offers high-performance real-time wireless channel and radar modeling solver technology integrated into new or existing workflows as a high-fidelity physics simulation engine.        




Ansys Perceive EM provides comprehensive modeling capabilities for addressing large-scale electromagnetics applications such as radar and wireless network design by leveraging an advanced Shooting and Bouncing Ray (SBR) solver.

  • Scalable solution through API interface and GPU acceleration
  • Ideal simulation engine for generation of synthetic data for AI/ML training
  • Headless Python/C++ API
  • Supports HFSS generated antenna patterns
  • Analyze scattering and coupling data results
  • Includes multi-path and diffraction effects
  • Advanced material properties supported, including surface roughness
  • Multiple bounce/transmission
  • 5G/6G network modeling
  • Indoor/Outdoor wireless channel characterization
  • Radar imaging (SAR/ISAR)
  • Radar systems

Ansys software is accessible

It's vital to Ansys that all users, including those with disabilities, can access our products. As such, we endeavor to follow accessibility requirements based on the US Access Board (Section 508), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the current format of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

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