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Ansys Additive Manufacturing
3D Printing Simulation Software

Ansys Additive Solutions 

Minimize risk and ensure high-quality, certifiable additive manufacturing parts with Ansys’ comprehensive and scalable software solution. Create and optimize designs for topology, lattice optimizations and more. 

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Ansys Additive Solutions provide an end-to-end solution for your additive manufacturing process.

Additive Manufacturing Simulation Solution

High Level Features

Ansys Additive Solutions, a comprehensive and scalable software solution, allows you to minimize risk and ensure high quality, certifiable parts. Dive deeper into the properties of your printer parts, ensure traceability of your data, optimize build files and more. Our software lets you create additive manufacturing designs and simulate the metal additive manufacturing process to reduce product development time. An end-to-end manufacturing solution, Additive Solutions spans across multiple Ansys product offerings.

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JULY 2021

What's New

Ansys 2021 R2 delivers enhancements for Additive Science and Ansys Workbench Additive — empowering users to further advance their additive manufacturing capabilities.

Enhancements include:

  • Workbench Additive:​
  • Variable Layer Height​
  • Calibration Wizard​
  • Improved AM Output Controls and Meshing Defaults​
  • AM Bond Improvements​
  • Beta Release of Directed Energy Deposition workflow​

Additive Science:​

  • New Threading Capability in 2D Microstructure Solver​
  • Porosity Optimizations Enable More Accurate Results

Additive Simulation

Additive Products

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Ansys Additive Solutions, a comprehensive and scalable software solution, enables minimized risk while ensuring high-quality, certifiable parts.

  • Design for AM (DfAM)
  • Build setup
  • Process simulation
  • Material analysis
  • Data acquisition and management
  • Part qualification
  • CAD Modeling
  • Topology Optimization
  •  Lattice and Light weighting
  • STL file repair and geometry manipulation
  • Part nesting and support generation
  • Orientation guidance and wizards
  • Metal AM process simulations
  • Distortion compensation
  • Build failure prediction
  • Curated material property databases
  • Grain morphology predictions
  • Melt pool and porosity prediction
  • Traceability and full control of AM data
  • Consolidate, control and share AM data across organization
  • Design validation
  • Structural and thermal analysis
  • Document control and certification

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