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Battery Simulation

Battery Modeling and Simulation Solutions 

Ansys helps you advance battery designs while balancing safety, performance, size, cost and reliability to make you the market leader. Our multiphysics battery simulation solution helps bring together interdisciplinary expertise at different scales. With our help, you can reduce project costs by up to 30% and design cycle time by up to 50%.

Performance Modeling Solutions

Whether designing a battery for electric transportation or consumer products, every design choice requires complex decisions. Engineers can rapidly evaluate tradeoffs while minimizing reliance on arbitrary design rules and expensive, trial-and-error physical testing. Our accurate battery simulation gets the results you need from electrochemistry to electrode, cell, module, pack and system and the coupling of different physics.


Thermal Management

Digital twin of an autonomous car battery

Battery Management system


Battery Applications

Pack and Module Thermal Management

Battery Pack and Module Thermal Management

Ansys provides the best-in class battery thermal management simulation solution for cost-effective cooling of devices and safer batteries.

Battery Structural Reliability

Battery Structural Reliability

To ensure battery durability, reliability and safety, Ansys offers simulation solutions for optimizing housing designs and reinforcements for safer batteries.

Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems

Ansys offers an integrated solution for battery management system (BMS) design and development that allows for risk-free virtual testing.


Battery Cell and Electrode

Electrochemistry is the physics behind how a battery operates and performs. Our simulations accurately model electrochemistry before the manufacturing process to aid in material property selection and electrode structure design.

Battery EMI/EMC

Battery EMI/EMC

Ansys offers a battery system EMI/EMC simulation solution that seamlessly combines frequency and time domain simulation.

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