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Ansys RedHawk-SC
Digital Power Integrity Signoff

RedHawk-SC is the proven, trusted industry leader for power noise and reliability signoff for digital IP and SoCs down to 3nm and built on cloud-native elastic compute infrastructure.


Comprehensive IR Drop and Electromigration Signoff Solution for Digital IP and SoCs

Ansys RedHawk-SC is the industry’s trusted gold standard voltage drop and electromigration multiphysics sign-off solution for digital designs. Its powerful analytics quickly identify any weaknesses and allow what-if explorations to optimize power and performance. Redhawk-SC’s cloud-based architecture gives it the speed and capacity to handle full-chip analysis. Signoff accuracy is certified by all major foundries for all finFET nodes, down to 3nm.

  • Timing Impact of IR-Drop with Path FX
    Timing Impact of IR-Drop with Path FX
  • ESD Solution with PathFinder
    ESD Solution with PathFinder
  • Thermal and 3DIC with Electrothermal Option
    Thermal and 3DIC with Electrothermal Option
  • Interoperable with Ansys Board/System Tools
    Interoperable with Ansys Board/System Tools
Comprehensive IR Drop and Electromigration Signoff Solution for Digital IP and SoCs

Quick Specs

Ansys RedHawk-SC enables robust, low-power digital designs without performance loss thanks to advanced power analytics that give designers comprehensive techniques to detect and correct dynamic voltage drop .

RedHawk-SC is integrated with all major EDA implementation flows as well as Ansys RedHawk-SC Electrothermal™ for 3DIC co-simulation, Ansys  Path FX for vatriability-aware timing analysis, and Ansys PathFinder™ for electrostatic discharge analysis.

  • Dynamic & Static Power
  • Power & Signal Electromigration
  • Vector & Vectorless Activity
  • Timing Impact of IR-Drop
  • Chip/Package Co-optimization
  • Power Grid Robustness Metrics
  • Thermal-Aware EM
  • Near-Linear Cloud Scalability
  • Low Memory Full-Chip Capacity
  • DvD Diagnostics and Advanced Power Analytics
  • Instantaneous feedback on IR ECO
  • Statistical electromigration budgeting
  • Integrated with all major EDA flows
  • What-if analysis and incremental IR drop for ECOs

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Signoff analysis reduces project risk by avoiding costly errors in silicon. Accurate multiphysics simulation improves design performance by eliminating wasteful margin with better silicon correlation.

Ansys RedHawk-SC’s trusted multiphysics signoff analysis is a powerful way to reduce project and technology risk. RedHawk’s algorithms are certified accurate by all major foundries for all finFET processes and are proven in thousands of tapeouts.

The speed and capacity of RedHawk’s cloud-native SeaScape™ architecture enable ultra-large, full-chip power analyses by enlisting thousands of CPU cores with modest memory requirements. And RedHawk-SC’s advanced power analytics capabilities will calculate the timing impact of IR-drop, with coverage optimized to maximize possible activity scenarios.

These broad, silicon-correlated simulation results give designers the confidence they need to achieve higher performance and lower power by avoiding wasteful and expensive overdesign.

Thermal analysis and multi-die system analysis is enabled with the RedHawk-SC Electrothermal option, which adds full-system thermal and power integrity co-simulation for chips and 2.5D/3D IC packages, including package signal integrity and thermal-mechanical stress and warpage.


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5G network infrastructure design

Comprehensive voltage drop, electromigration and electrothermal reliability signoff for SoC and 3DIC co-design

Ansys RedHawk-SC’s advanced power analytics (APA) deliver very high coverage for capturing dynamic power supply noise, thereby avoiding frequency loss due to unexpected dynamic voltage drop (DvD). It’s comprehensive DvD diagnostics quickly capture and measure the causes of dynamic IR-drop. A rich GUI and ‘what-if’ capability instantaneously report the voltage impact of design changes for IR ECO fixing. It analyzes thermal-aware current density in both signal and power net and provides statistical electomigration budgeting. Both vector and vectorless activity inputs are supported with advanced analytic capabilities that determine the timing impact of voltage variability (with Ansys Path FX™) as well as metrics that evaluate the robustness of power distribution networks.

RedHawk-SC works together with many other Ansys tools, all EDA implementation flows, and even customers’ internally developed solutions.


Key Features

Ansys RedHawk-SC is the most trusted gold standard signoff power integrity and reliability verification tool, with options for thermal and 3DIC analysis.

  • IR-drop signoff
  • Thermal-aware EM analysis
  • Timing impact of voltage variability
  • Vector and vectorless activity
  • Chip/package electrothermal co-simulation
  • Cloud-native elastic compute
  • Advanced root-cause, what-if, and ECO analyses

Dynamic and static voltage drop analysis for full chip or IP signoff with Advanced Power Analytics (APA) to provide root-cause analysis for voltage drop and measure the quality of power distribution networks.

Current density and thermal-aware electromigration (EM) analysis for both power supply metal and signal interconnect with statistical EM budgeting.

Dynamic voltage drop (DvD) diagnostics identify switching aggressors and minimize the number of ECO changes needed to fix DvD timing issues . Critical timing paths are analyzed with variable voltage SPICE accuracy using Ansys PathFX.

Multi-scenario activity patterns provide comprehensive coverage to identify dynamic power supply noise and avoid voltage drop escapes that cause frequency loss. These can be generated automatically (vectorless) or can be loaded by the customer (FSDB, VCD, etc.).

RedHawk-SC offers a rich GUI interface to display results of its Advanced Power Analytics and to enable What-If analysis of a power distribution network. It can also provide instantaneous feedback on the voltage drop effects of cell swapping and sizing for incremental  IR ECO fixing.

RedHawk-SC in combination with RedHawk-SC Electrothermal can analyze power integrity and reliability of  multi-die 2.5D/3D  systems.  This also includes full thermal analysis and links to Ansys board/system-level tools and Ansys electromagnetic analysis.

Ansys RedHawk-SC is built on the SeaScape big data analytics platform that is designed for cloud execution on 1,000s of CPU cores with near linear scalability and extremely high capacity with low memory per core.

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