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Ansys 2024 R1: Ansys Additive What’s New

Ansys Additive’s latest release enhances the 3D printing landscape by focusing on three key pillars: fidelity, usability, and optimization.


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Fidelity provides users with advanced tools to control the 3D printing process precisely. With higher fidelity, Ansys Additive accurately captures the process parameters used by the consumer’s 3D printing machine, ensuring structural integrity. 

  • Advanced LPBF Controls (Laser Power Input control) 
  • Advanced DED Controls (Power Input Control) 

Usability streamlines workflows, making it easier for users to set up print jobs. Increased usability helps customers maintain consistency across multiple projects, enhancing efficiency and reducing setup time. 

  • LPBF Setting Template Save/Load 
  • New one-step multi-support and part voxelization 
  • Improvement of G-code visualizations 

Optimization takes out much of the user interaction for complicated workflows. Improvements in optimizations mean customers can drastically increase productivity.  

  • Distortion Compensation restart 
  • DED Auto-dwell time 
  • User-defined Distortion Compensation geometry 

Who Should Attend and Why

Who should attend and why Current Additive users and potential users, including analysts and AM Engineers


  • Enrique Escobar
  • Chris Robinson 
Webinar: Ansys Additive  What’s New