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Educating Future Materials Scientists and Engineers: Challenges & Opportunities

Materials scientists and engineers focus on understanding, improving and developing materials to design new product applications. Additionally, these experts must manage logistics surrounding material price stability, supply chain security, complex restrictions and reporting requirements, stringent environmental concerns, materials circularity, social responsibility and material access restrictions. Materials scientists and engineers must also understand how materials are sourced, used and recirculated. Lastly, they must fully grasp the evolving materials landscape that factors in the influence of technological advances and societal, geopolitical and trade constraints on materials.

These many aspects continue to evolve the materials landscape and can create educational hurdles for materials professionals, as tracking all the changing conditions creates significant challenges. This creates an even bigger educational hurdle for students who have no practical field experience and may be easily overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what they must learn.

How can students effectively learn the broader aspects of materials? What are the concerns, obstacles and opportunities in materials selection for undergraduate and graduate-level projects? What are the key hurdles in educating students on materials and how can they be overcome?

Join us for this free webinar that provides materials educators with a perspective apart from university materials curriculums, colorfully illustrating how Ansys GRANTA EduPack provides them with detailed, practical, real-world insights into broader, complicated aspects of materials and how to further their materials education. Educators will:

  • Understand the changing landscape of materials science and engineering education.
  • Assess the concerns, obstacles and opportunities in materials selection for undergraduate and graduate-level educational projects.
  • Learn how to engage current and future materials engineering students using GRANTA EduPack.




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