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Best Practice Process and Tools for Automotive Functional Safety, SOTIF and Cybersecurity

In this edition of the Safety Systems and Software Showcase, we present the best practices and tools to help you optimize functional safety processes, safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) and cybersecurity for automotive electronics. The event will cover the following topics:

  1. Using Ansys medini analyze to efficiently tackle whole vehicle functional safety – presented by Mr. John Birch (HORIBA MIRA)
  2. Achieving ISO 26262 for functional safety and SOTIF 21448 compliance for Automotive Systems - presented by Ms. Smitta Balasubramanian (Ansys).
  3. Addressing Cybersecurity ISO 21434 standards with medini analyze – presented by Mr. Mario Winkler (Ansys).

You will learn

  • How HORIBA MIRA is supporting an automotive OEM in undertaking functional safety activities for their first product - an electric vehicle which is due to market in 2023. A novel and efficient approach to this activity has been taken in using Ansys medini analyze to model architecture and functionality across the whole vehicle, using centralized model-based information to maximize consistency and minimize effort.
  • How Ansys can help you meet the new standard for autonomous vehicles and successfully conduct autonomous vehicle development in compliance with both ISO 21448 and ISO 26262 that can help you reduce costs, speed up time to certification and bring your products to market faster.
  • How you can meet the upcoming ISO 21434 and other applicable cybersecurity standards using Ansys medini for Cybersecurity. You will learn how you can start early in the system design to secure in-vehicle systems and substantially improve time to market for critical security-related functions.

Speakers: John Birch (HORIBA MIRA), Smitta Balasubramanian (Ansys), Mario Winkler (Ansys), David Henderson (Ansys)

Presenter: Amarantha Shivayogi Mogali




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