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Accelerating EMI/EMC Testing Using Simulation

Electronic devices are becoming more complex with device miniaturization and increasing data rates. These devices must operate harmonically in the electromagnetic environment they are used in, which makes the EMI/EMC aspect rather challenging. It is critical to consider EMI/EMC in the design of any component at a granular level to avoid issues later in the product development cycle, which affect product timelines and cost. EMI/EMC compliance is required not only for meeting the standards and regulations pertaining to the region where the product is to be sold, but also to ensure that the product is electromagnetically robust when used by a customer.

The engineering opportunities and challenges of designing such devices have proven the simulation-driven product development approach to be even more useful. It helps to reduce the number of re-spins in the design, along with the time and cost that companies invest in physical EMI/EMC testing of the products.

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  • EMI/EMC challenges and requirements
  • Why simulation is necessary to overcome these challenges and meet requirements
  • How Ansys solutions can help to shorten the design development cycle with respect to EMI/EMC issues

Speaker: Nikhil Grover, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys.




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