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Technical Paper

Efficient Development of Safe Railway Application Software with EN 50128/EN 50657

This methodology handbook provides detailed explanations on how to fully satisfy requirements of EN 50128:2011 (Software for communication, signaling and processing systems) and EN 50657:2017 (Software for rolling stock applications) with a SCADE model-based development approach to achieve safe and reliable software, while promoting an efficient model-based development and verification strategy.

The handbook introduces the EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50657, and EN 50129 standards before presenting the optimization of the software development and verification processes that can be achieved with the SCADE toolchain and methodology. SCADE tools support the automated production and verification of a large part of the development lifecycle elements. The effect of using the SCADE toolchain is presented in terms of savings in the development and verification activities, following a step-by-step approach and considering the objectives that must be met at each step.

The handbook does not intend to impose formal conditions of use. Formal guidelines can be found in the SCADE Suite KCG Safety Case and in the T V S D Rail Reports on the SCADE Suite KCG, SCADE Test, and SCADE LifeCycle certificates.




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