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Shawn Wasserman


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Shawn Wasserman

Senior Editor,

Shawn specializes in creating engaging content in the ever-changing field of engineering technology. While Senior Digital Content Specialist at Ansys from 2018-2020, he was responible for driving traffic through blog content showcasing Ansys' cutting-edge simulation software. Currently, Shawn is Senior Editor at, where he writes about multiple engineering topics such as simulation, loT, PLM, and other technologies.


  • Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo 
  • Masters Degree of Applied Science in Bio-Engineering from the University of Guelph 

Professional Credentials and Memberships: Committee Member at The Institute of Engineering and Technology 

Time at Ansys: July 2018 - June 2020

Articles by This Author

The simulation is depicted in false colors (left) and grayscale (right).

Safe Lighting Design of a Submarine Control Room

Optimizing the lighting in submarine control rooms improves the safety of naval officers.

Perform real time simulations on the cloud with Discovery Live, Quadro and Azure.

NVIDIA Brings GPU Capabilities and Real-Time Simulations to the Cloud

Run real-time simulations on the cloud with Discovery Live and Quadro on Azure.

Podbike FRIKAR e-bike

How to Build a Digital Twin from a Systems Simulation

Explore how to build a digital twin with Ansys Twin Builder to simplify 3D simulations into reduced order models, systems simulations, and digital twins.

Spark Microsystems IOT card

What is PMMA and How Is It Used in the Medical World?

Learn what Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is and how this biocompatible material can be used in eye, bone and dental surgery.

A better way x-rays

Visual Simulations and VR Help Optimize HMIs to Every Driver’s Vision

Driving vision depends on age, color blindness, weather, glare and more. Engineers can improve safety by predicting a driver’s vision and setting up virtual realities of HMI systems.

Wind turbines in a body of water

Will Future Wind Turbines Be Modular?

Engineers use a modular truss design to reduce the cost and improve the strength of turbine blades.

A substance being sprayed

How to Make an Oscillating Nozzle Spray Without Moving Parts

Dive into the elegant fluid dynamics behind the stable instability of oscillating nozzles.

Sports car on a road

Simulation is the Fastest Way to Get Autonomous Cars on the Market

Proving that cars are better than humans at driving will take upwards of 8 billion miles of test driving. Simulation is the only way to test that many miles.

DESLA turbo pump assembly

How Simulation Changed the Rocket Engine Design Cycle

The rocket engine design cycle relies on simulation to size parts and optimize heat transfer.

HydroFlex Francis turbine runner

Hydropower Turbine Designs that Ramp Up for Peak Energy Demands

See how hydropower water turbine designs can be optimized to ramp up for peak energy loads with simulation tools from Ansys.

Water vessel with fins that mimic a squid

Engineers Use Biomimicry to Innovate the Propulsion of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

NOA MARINE used biomimicry to create a wave drive propulsion system that is inspired by the movement of squid.

Simulation of a car on the street

Design the Best HUD for Cars Using Simulation and Virtual Reality

Ansys SPEOS provides optical simulation and virtual reality tools that facilitate head-up display (HUD) design for cars.

Top 10 Edutainment and Engineering YouTube Channels

Top 10 Edutainment and Engineering YouTube Channels

Engineers are hungry for entertaining ways to learn about their technological passions. Here are our picks for the 10 best engineering YouTube channels.

Online Numerical Simulation Master’s Degree Teaches Ansys Software

Simulation Optimizes a Chemotherapy Implant to Treat Pancreatic Cancer

This medical device treats pancreatic cancer. It passes the medication through the tumor's protective stroma using electrochemistry and iontophoresis.

Free Ansys Academic Resources for Distance Learning

How to Prepare for Engineering Jobs in Simulation

Simulation started out as a tool for the aerospace and automotive sectors, but it is now spawning engineering jobs everywhere. 

Are There Enough Simulation Engineers?

Low-voltage Drive Improves the Safety and Performance of Electric Vehicles

Volabo offers a new electric drive configuration that runs on only 48 volts, improving electric vehicle safety, efficiency and cost.

Screenshot from a video of EMP simulation, made using ANSYS HFSS, and how the electromagnetic field would travel through a city scape.

EMP Simulations Will Make the Latest Executive Order Affordable

Engineers can study the effects of an EMP on electrical components using simulation, and use EMP simulations to design equipment that will survive EMP events.

Driving on Sunshine with Lightyear One

Forget Jet Packs or Flying Cars! Design a Personal Flying Device!

Zeva Aero designs an eVTOL personal flying device for Boeing’s GoFly competition with the help of Ansys simulation technology.

Wireless charging simulation made in HFSS.

Wireless Charging Technologies: Magnetic Resonance vs. Magnetic Induction vs. RF Harvesting

Learn which wireless charging application is ideal for different industry applications, including magnetic resonance, magnetic induction and RF harvesting.

5 Ansys employees

Celebrate National Engineers Week with 5 Vibrant Role Models

For Engineers Week, Ansys employees open up about why they chose engineering and the advice they would give future engineers.



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