Needed: A Model-Based Solution that is Aligned with the FACE Technical Avionics Software Standard - White Paper

The creation of a shared software development standard for avionics systems in 2010 has created new pressures for software engineers in this industry. The future airborne capability environment (FACE™) software technical standard supports the adoption of a common plat-form for avionics systems delivered to military organizations. It enables defense customers to benefit from a consistent set of technology standards, as well as partner with a wider variety of suppliers worldwide. The FACE standard increases productivity for avionics systems suppliers, as they no longer need to reinvent the wheel for each new customer order — instead, they can re-use many elements of their existing FACE-aligned software architectures. However, many avionics suppliers are struggling to understand and align to FACE requirements. What's’s needed is a new FACE-specific modeling solution that works in concert with proven avionics modeling packages that are already in use by industry leaders.
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