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Speeding CAE Turnaround with Simulation Workflow Automation

In the last decade, CAE tools have become a major product design component within the manufacturing industry. CAE has reduced development cost and time to market for new products. However, over time, CAE processes have become complex, slow and vulnerable to human error.

This webinar showcases how Ansys automation techniques help organizations decrease CAE workflow complexities, reduce CAE turnaround time and improve design outputs through process standardization. We’ll also discuss how automation can help free up analysts’ time to enhance product design by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks.

  • Understand the need for automation in CAE workflows.
  • Learn about Ansys solutions for CAE automation.
  • Explore case studies which demonstrate how Ansys customers leverage workflow automation to improve turnaround time.

Speaker: Gunjan Verma, Lead Consulting Engineer, Ansys





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