Engineering Design Transformation: Optimize & Reduce Design Time For Your Product


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (IST)

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Traditional product design teams spend high amount of time co-ordinating with analysis and physical testing teams which leads to a very high design cycle time. As the industries become more Agile with product development, it becomes necessary to reduce the design time by equipping designers with intelligent design tools so that they can avoid the time lost in analysis preparation and other redundant processes.

ANSYS Discovery helps the designers to perform upfront design optimization by leveraging predefined templates for input parameters in real time, and generates early insights into product behavior. ANSYS Discovery provides an intuitive design experience by allowing the designers to monitor trends through rapid experimentation and enables them to track the impact of any design change in real-time. It’s integrated user interface and flexible design workflows help the designer to spend more time perfecting the design rather than co-ordination.

Join Us For ANSYS Webinar Series on Engineering Design Transformation and hear from our experts on the below topics:

      • Case Study Presented By Expert From Automotive Industry
       • Rapid Concept Modelling and design using ANSYS Discovery
       • Design Optimization while working with non-native CAD data
       • Intuitive, customizable and guided workflows to accelerate learning curves for all users

Customer Success:
By Using ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim, Jacobs Analytics “saved a client $75,000 and reduced testing time from one year to just six months, while still generating 10x the number of design iterations”
Who should attend:
       • Designers/Modelers/Draftsmen
       • Design Engineers
       • CAE Engineer
       • Mechanical Engineers
       • Product Design & Development Managers
       • Project leaders / project managers

About The Speaker:

Mohib Khan is a Lead Application Engineer at ANSYS. He specializes in designer simulation workflows and has been with ANSYS for past 16 years. For the past 3 years, Mohib has been part of Worldwide team for Discovery products and playing a role of Asia Champion for the same. Before that, for 6 years, Mohib had played an Evangelist role for ANSYS Asia on automation, complex automotive pre-processing, multiphysics simulation and simulation democratization. Prior to that, Mohib worked as a Sr. Technology Specialist in Global Technical Services group.


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