ANSYS RF Option, in combination with ANSYS HFSS, offers end-to-end, high-performance radio frequency (RF) simulations of wireless devices and systems for aerospace, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, internet of things (IoT) and other applications. ANSYS RF Option includes EMIT, a unique, multifidelity simulation technology for predicting RF system performance and link budgets in complex RF environments with multiple sources of interference. EMIT provides a general-purpose library of wireless RF systems and propagation models, along with diagnostic tools needed to quickly identify and mitigate root causes of radio frequency interference (RFI), which impact the performance of wireless systems. ANSYS RF Option also includes Circuit Design, which features transient circuit analysis, harmonic balance circuit simulator, 2.5D planar method of moments solver, and more.

RF Option’s powerful, system-level multifidelity modeling and dynamic diagnostic tools enable rapid identification and resolution of interference problems. RF Option ensures first-pass design success of wireless systems operating in isolated or RF-congested environments with linear and nonlinear effects in time and frequency domains. This table highlights the key features available in RF Option.


EMIT is a unique, multifidelity simulation method for predicting RF cosite interference to provide both root-cause analysis of RFI issues in complex RF environments, as well as efficient mitigation techniques. Simulation of wireless systems in EMIT identifies interference effects, such as co-channel, adjacent channel, out-of-band and intermodulation. EMIT helps engineers manage RF system performance data, simulate the impact of RFI on system performance and mitigate RFI issues. The complete model of the RF environment can be easily reused to assess future changes and maintain a design workflow over the life of a system or platform. The workflow also allows plurality of systems. Key features include the following:

  • RF link budget analysis.
  • Built-in RF radio and component libraries.
  • Multifidelity behavioral radio models.
  • Built-in wireless propagation models.
  • RF cosite and antenna coexistence analysis.
  • Automated diagnostics for rapid root-cause analysis.
  • Quick assessment and comparison of potential mitigation measures.
  • Multiple antenna-to-antenna coupling models.

Circuit Simulators

Circuit simulators in ANSYS RF Option enable engineers to analyze electronic circuits using circuit components and models from a variety of sources, including behavioral system-level elements. Engineers can simulate circuit designs in both time and frequency domains and generate meaningful plots and reports that quantify circuit performance. Key features include the following:

  • Linear analysis (included with HFSS).
  • Transient analysis.
  • DC analysis with multiple continuation options.
  • Multitone harmonic balance analysis.
  • Oscillator analysis.
  • Time-varying noise and phase-noise analyses.
  • Envelope analysis.
  • Load-pull analysis and model support.
  • Periodic transfer function analysis

EMIT Brochure (PDF)

Solving Interference Issues in a Smart Home with EMIT - White Paper

ANSYS EMIT is a diagnostic tool to identify and mitigate RFI issues EMIT predicts RFI and RF link budgets in complex environments.

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