ANSYS RMxprt Features

Design Templates

RMxprt offers numerous machine-specific, template-based interfaces for induction, synchronous, and electronically and brush-commutated machines. These templates allow you to easily enter design parameters and to evaluate design trade-offs early in the process.

  • Machine-specific template editor

RMxprt Machine-Specific Temp Editor

  • Rotor Editor

RMxprt Rotor Editor

  • Winding Editor

Winding Editor

  • Slot Editor

RMxprt Slot Editor

  • Running strategies
  • Drive circuits

RMxprt Drive Circuits

  • Machine Types:
    • Induction machines
      • Single-phase motors
      • Three-phase motors
    • Wound-rotor motors and generators
    • Synchronous machines
    • Line-start PM motors
    • Salient-pole motors and generators
    • Non-salient pole motors and generators
    • Brush commutated machines
    • DC motors and generators
    • Permanent magnet DC motors
    • Universal motors
    • Electronically commutated machines
    • Brushless DC motors
    • Adjustable-speed PM motors and generators
    • Switched reluctance motors
    • Claw-pole generators
    • Axial-flux machine

Performance Metrics

Critical performance data, such as torque versus speed, power loss, flux in the air gap, power factor and efficiency can be quickly calculated. Output waveforms include:

  • Current
  • Cogging torque
  • Flux in the air gap

Design Sheet Output

Design sheets list all the relevant input parameters and calculated parameters, and graphically display waveforms including current, voltage, torque and back EMF. A detailed winding layout is also produced. RMxprt can output Excel-format design sheets based on the user-defined template.

Powerful Scripting

RMxprt can be integrated with third party development programs through scripting languages such as VB script, IronPython, Tcl/TK, JavaScript™, Perl™, Excel and MATLAB®. This allows you to customize the design flow and leverage internally developed programs and historical data.

Auto Synthesizing Design

RMxprt includes convenient features that can guide your design process by automatically determining slot size, coil turns and wire diameter, starting capacitance and winding arrangement from your given design parameters.

Model Pre-Processor for Electromagnetic Analysis

In addition to providing classical motor performance calculations, RMxprt can automatically generate a complete transfer of the 3-D or 2-D geometry, motion and mechanical setup, material properties, core loss, and winding and source setup. The drive circuit can be sent directly to Maxwell for detailed finite element analysis calculations.

High-Fidelity System Models

RMxprt creates high-fidelity, nonlinear equivalent circuit models, accounting for a machine's physical dimensions, winding characteristics, nonlinear material properties and existing dynamic effects as eddy-currents. You can use the resulting equivalent model to explore electronic control topologies, loads and interactions with drive-system and multidomain components in ANSYS Twin Builder.